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25% Mandelic Acid Peel
25% Mandelic Acid Peel
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25% Mandelic Acid Peel

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pH 2.0


"Just want to say that I am now a lifetime MUAC customer. I LOVE the products and service. The Mandelic Acid Peel and Gly-Luronic have changed my skin entirely!"

"The Mandelic Acid peels have literally changed my life. I still have a little ways to go, but I am almost to the point where I can just wear a little loose powder to control shine and limit my use of foundation to cover these dark spots."
Chelsea B.

"I have oily/combo skin and lots of small bumps that do not turn into acne. I also have some freckling from sun on my nose. I've used the Mandelic Acid 25% solution 3 times. The second time I went to a restaurant the day after i did my facial and the waitresses stopped me to ask what I was doing to my skin. I gave them the website. As a 40+ black woman to have others think I'm half my age because of how great my skin looks is awesome. I also have noticed that whiteheads are erupting all over, a good sign that I'm finally getting the gunk that just sat underneath my skin to come out. Hoping that by the end of the year my skin will be consistently clear, smooth and even in tone. Will definitely work my way into something stronger for my fine lines. No more pricey facials, you guys have got me as a spokesperson for life."
Peggy G.

What is Mandelic Acid?

Mandelic Acid is an alpha hydroxy acid.  Derived from bitter almonds, it has a number of benefits for the skin.

The molecular structure of mandelic acid is larger than better known alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid and lactic acid.  This means it takes longer to penetrate the skin's surface and is much less irritating. 


--Rapidly exfoliates dead skin cells and surface debris from the skin.
--Mandelic acid has antimicrobial/antibacterial properties, making it an excellent choice for all types of acne, including cystic acne.
--Loosens blackheads for easy extraction.
--Cleans and refines pores.
--Refines the tone and texture of the skin, brightens.
--Mandelic acid is excellent for clients with darker skin tones.  It does not cause the unwanted, lighter skin tone changes that you might experience with other AHA's.
--Mandelic acid inhibits the growth of melanin, the cause of brown patches, freckles, uneven skin tone and other sun-related skin care issues.
--Mandelic acid, with continued use, can help repair sun damaged skin.
--Mandelic acid reduces lines and wrinkles without the irritation of other AHA's.
--Mandelic is typically an excellent exfoliator for clients suffering from Rosacea.
What can I expect when using this peel?

Upon application, within the first minute-or-so, you will feel very little topical sensation, perhaps none.  Then, the skin may have a "warming" sensation, or slight tingling.  Remember, that this acid will penetrate more slowly, thus the topical sensation will take a bit longer.  ***Don't be fooled by the lack of sensation... it *is* working, so do not leave it on the skin longer than directed.

Some clients will see actual peeling of the skin.  Others will just notice the excellent exfoliation benefits and a brighter, more glowing skin tone.


This product is *not* a serum.  It has a watery consistency, so either dip a q-tip into the bottle for application, or remove the cap, place a gauze pad on the open bottle and tip it over to soak the gauze, then apply.
Instructions listed above, under corresponding tab.
General Cautions:
  • Never use manual exfoliators nor scrubbing brushes within 24 hours of using a peel.
  • Stop Retin A, benzoyl peroxides, acne products and any other drying agents 24 hours before and after using an alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy peel.
  • If you are allergic to aspirin products, never use a salicylic acid nor beta hydroxy peel.
  • Never apply a peel without doing a patch-test first and waiting 48 hours for results.
  • Never apply a chemical peel to inflamed skin.
  • Always read product directions in their entirety and don't take shortcuts.
  • Use our BellEvolve Advanced Repair Cream for skin that has been chemically over processed.  It contains advanced healing agents that will quickly get your skin back to normal.
  • When in doubt about a caution, please write or call us for more information.
  • Rating Skin looks better after 2 days!
    I should have purchased more. I'm almost out and I did only 2 peels from a sample size bottle, but my skin looked better, smoother, softer and clearer after 2 peels. This stuff is great. I have very oily, shiney skin.
      Reviewed by:   from Atlanta GA. on 4/18/2014
    Rating I LOVE Mandellic Acid
    So far i have tried the 40% Lactic Acid and i did see some improvement in my skin while i was using it, but i wanted something that worked a lot faster and was directed towards getting rid of acne, which i have had for 15 years! Anyways the mandelic acid is great! I had pimples on my face that i couldnt get rid of for months and the mandelic acid shrinks/flattens the pimples out by the next morning or sometimes even that night (because i find myself waking up in the middle just to go look at my face lol) it is also good for blackheads! It loosens them from the skin, basically making them slide right out! You may experience some purging, its very minor, but the acid will clear it right up! I just ordered more acid and the mandelic serum which i cant wait to try! Buy the mandelic acid! It works extremely well!
      Reviewed by:   from Saint Louis, MO. on 4/11/2014
    Rating Mandelic Acid Peel
    I really like this peel because its not as strong as the other peels, but I guess my skin is super sensitive because even after only leaving in on for 1 min, some areas of my face burned a little and became dry, but I still like it, maybe I should just do 30 seconds?
      Reviewed by:   from Canada. on 4/10/2014
    Rating Perfection
    This peel has done nothing but worked wonders on my skin. It's very gentle but extremely effective and does exactly as it claims. Also, the Mandelic Acid Serum is a prefect partner with this peel. I HIGHLY recommend both of these products.
      Reviewed by:   from Georgia. on 4/4/2014
    I am so grateful for MUAC. I always receive my items quickly and I am satisfied every time, please don't change a thing. I love the free samples and the packaging is perfect ! I tried the 25% Mandelic Acid Peel and I am so amazed at the results, it has cleared and softened my skin, so I found my new love. I am so happy I chose MUAC for my skin care products, Thank You MUAC.
      Reviewed by:   from MI. on 4/1/2014
    Rating Love it!
    Another winner from MUAC! I regularly use TCA for deeper peels and Mandelic Acid for maintenance between. This product is great for keeping your skin soft and smooth between deeper peels. Breakout have become almost nonexistent since I started using this product. This product doesn't sting or make your skin peel as much as Glycolic Acid or TCA, so it would be great for beginners wanting to use a peel but scared by horror stories or pain and scarring. One of my go to products!
      Reviewed by:   from Cologne, MN. on 4/1/2014
    Rating Mandelic Peel
    I'm of African American descent, and I just used the Mandelic peel for the first time two days ago. I felt a sensation that was bearable. I'm already noticing results for my acne scars. They appear to be lighter. I do have melasma and I don't see any difference in that yet. I'm going to use keep using this peel for optimum results. Thanks MUAC for a wonderful product.
      Reviewed by:   from Lexington, Ky. on 3/15/2014
    Rating Only thing that has worked for me!
    Just wanted to say that I adore this peel. I used it for the first time yesterday to address my lifelong blackhead problem. I have never had such beautiful soft and clear skin! Thank you so much- I will be using your products for life!
      Reviewed by:   from Adelaide, Australia. on 3/8/2014
    Rating Mandelic Acid
    I was skeptical at first having used some of the other acid peels and of course those show immediate results. Meaning my face was peeling and very red. The Mandelic Acid was a different experience. My skin felt smooth, tight, and my tone improved after one treatment. This is a product I will use for my years to come for that fresh skin glow.
      Reviewed by:   from Van Nuys California. on 3/7/2014
    Rating Loved!
    It was my first peel purchased. I have somewhat sensitive, acne-prone skin & it was not to hard on it at all. Made my skin feel softer than it has ever felt! I would definitely repurchase.
      Reviewed by:   from Sk Canada. on 3/6/2014
    Rating Wonderful Results
    I have only used this peel twice and the results have been wonderful. My pores are smaller,skin is softer and my fine lines look like they have been airbrushed away! I am quite pleased with this product! It will always be in my beauty stash! BTW I am 62 years old, I have taken care of my skin since my 20's but this product, gave me results that I only thought I could achieve being in my 40's or younger. I am so happy! Thank You!
      Reviewed by:   from Virginia. on 3/5/2014
    Rating Great
    This is a great product. My red scars lighten so much juz after one application. i am using it every alternate day. It kept my skin clear and smooth. i don't peel from this. but it mild enough for me to use frequently to maintain a heathly skin. and i must say my blackheads are almost gone.
      Reviewed by:   from singapore. on 2/27/2014
    Rating Love this peel
    Love this peel. A little trick I heard from a doctor I know said to leave it on as a spot treatment overnight if you want to lighten a small area or to get rid of a pimple overnight. It works great. I really don't get pimples. However I feel it makes my skin very smooth. It's a product everyone should use once a week for glowing and younger skin
      Reviewed by:   from NY. on 2/26/2014
    Rating All started with my Mandelic peel
    I got so many of them by not keeping track on the last time i purchase it cause I proudly use my Mandelic peel everywhere that is not sensitive. I move a lot and sometimes on short notice causing me to misplaced it so i start panicking and have to order another one. First, I started using it 2 times a week then went down to once a week. I was introduced to the Mandelic toner and then went further down to once a month. Now I use it on my face when necessary so far it’s been 2 or 3 months, I mostly use the peel on my body after being introduced to the Mandelic serum 10 percent. OMG what a product line. Since I did not get great result from the body peel after using the whole 8 oz, the Mandelic peel shame it with just one use YES one use I saw a better result .You need the Mandelic peel somewhere in your bathroom cause it’s a beauty saver.
      Reviewed by:   from FL. on 2/26/2014
    Rating Fantastic!!
    I have had bad black heads almost my whole life. Whatever I tried never seem to work so I decided to give this a try and this stuff is amazing. It push's my blackheads to the surface so they come out very easy.
      Reviewed by:   from North Carolina. on 2/24/2014
    Rating Fresh Clear Skin
    Love this stuff! I had a Mandelic Peel at the Derm's office and it was great - at $125 plus driving and my time. I use the $31 bottle from MUAC and it lasts a month. I have tough skin and can use it every day. Be careful your first time and do a test spot. This clears my Rosacea and dries up my excessively oily skin. Great product at a great price.
      Reviewed by:   from Rochester, NY. on 2/24/2014
    Rating Dewy Glow
    I thought nothing could rival my beloved TCA acid, but I have been proven wrong! The mandelic acid makes my skin just as lovely with that healthy dewy glow WITHOUT the downtime of the TCA! Thanks for your wonderful products.
      Reviewed by:   from Marlyand. on 2/12/2014
    Rating I truly love this product!
    This is just an excellent product! It makes my skin look so young after applying it. There is no after effect of redness or peeling, just an amazing glow the following day that lasts for a week or so.. Get the larger one as you will need it to keep that glow going on!!!
      Reviewed by:   from South Florida. on 2/11/2014
    Rating Nice
    Nice! I have rosacea, and am 42 years old. So I can really benefit from a peel but need to not exacerbate my rosacea. This stuff does the job perfectly, no irritation, nice exfoliation.
      Reviewed by:   from Maryland. on 2/6/2014
    Rating Works!
    This products works! My skin is smoother, softer, and the tone has improved after just four uses. I am african-american with some stubborn hyperpigmentation issues. I have just become a walking advertisment for how amazing this product is. It's mild yet effective. Where is the million star button. Try it and see!
      Reviewed by:   from waterford, michigan. on 1/31/2014
    Rating Great alternative to glycolic!
    This was my first time using a mandelic, usually I stick to glycolic ones. I really liked this as a nice change though because it's easier on my skin, no major redness, gives a lovely glow, and it also clears out the blackheads on my nose which the glycolic ones don't seem to do as well. I'm going to keep this one in my skin are rotation!
      Reviewed by:   from Pittsburgh. on 1/30/2014
    Rating 25 % Mandelic Acid Peel really brightens up your skin
    I love this product. It does enough to make a difference, but doesn't make you look like you were sunburned or peeling. My skin looks so smooth and clear after using it and I can use it a few times a week since my skin isn't super sensitive.
      Reviewed by:   from Hilton Head SC. on 1/29/2014
    Rating No results
    I am disappointed with the results. The first two times I tried Mandelic Acid I applied it with a Q-tip, rinsed it off after 5 minutes, and had no results. It doesn't appear to be doing anything to my skin. I had no signs of irritation or peeling. Maybe a little bit of dryness, but I live in the desert and my skin is normally dry.
      Reviewed by:   from Scottsdale, Az. on 1/28/2014
    Rating The Only peel I will use
    I have super-sensitive skin as well as rosacea and have gotten bad burns from chemical peels in the past, including ones I've had in the doctor's office. I have been using this peel for over a year now with fantastic results and no problems. I use it twice a week to control acne and age spots. I will continue to be a faithful user!! Thanks for a great product!!
      Reviewed by:   from Mesa, AZ. on 1/28/2014
    Rating This peel has changed my skin and my life!
    This is the greatest product in the universe. I've tried many different peels and this is the absolute best. It's non-irritating yet gives my skin such a clear smooth quality, I could never live without it. Since I added this to my regimen, I no longer have ANY blackheads and very few zits if any. And I've received tons of compliments on my clear pores. Try this ladies, you won't regret it. use with the mandelic toner and serum for even better results.
      Reviewed by:   from Langley BC. on 1/28/2014
    Rating Great product
    I've been using this product for a few weeks now,and it's worked wonders on my face. I've had horrible acne for years and I've never seen my face look this clear or feel so smooth. If you have bad acne or oily skin I definitely recommend this product.Great purchase!!
      Reviewed by:   from Toronto,CA. on 1/27/2014
    Rating No Downtime peel
    I have been using glycolic acid peels, primarily 40%. I worked my way up to this..I have had good results but do not like the days after the peel where my skin is flakey, dry, and looks worse before better. The Mandelic peel is great..No Downtime. Tightness the first day and then looks good by day 2. Radiant & glowing skin!
      Reviewed by:   from NJ. on 1/27/2014
    Rating Derserves more than 5 stars
    This is the best product ever for clearing acne. I have been battling some adult cystic acne and have been using prescribed products. While the products from the dermatologist did help, I was not satisfied with the results they were giving. After using this product once, I had not had any breakouts. I have been using the Mandelic peel for a couple of months now, and still no new eruptions. I cannot believe how quickly or how completely this worked for me.
      Reviewed by:   from Illinois. on 1/26/2014
    Rating I am in Love with this product
    My skin feels clean, fresh, and smooth. I ordered the samples and fell in love with it the next day. I just ordered a 1oz bottle and I will order it again when I run out. Please don't discontinue this product! It saved my skin! :)
      Reviewed by:   from Philadelphia . on 1/22/2014
    Rating I love it!
    It is one of the best acid I have ever used! Ater I've used a few times I see big improvement, my skin is clear and bright, Acne almost get defeated ! Thanks MUAC !
      Reviewed by:   from Nj. on 1/21/2014
    Rating best ever
    All I have to say is that my husband asked me if I did anything to my face and I said "Why do you ask?" and he said, "Your face looks fresher -- younger". So, I will buy this for the rest of my life! I use it about once a week. Love it.
      Reviewed by:   from missouri. on 12/22/2013
    Rating Making a difference!!!
    Like the previous reviewer, I also bought this because of the positive reviews on makeupalley.com. I have used this four times and the clarity, tone, and texture of my skin continues to improve. By the second use, my fiancé wanted to know what I was doing to get my skin so soft! I have extremely acne - prone oily skin and this has only improved my skin. It's really simple to use and it's much better than any physical exfoliation product I've EVER used. I really love this peel. Thank you for providing a great product for a great price!!!!!
      Reviewed by:   from Charleston, SC. on 12/21/2013
    Rating Great Product!
    I bought this due to the great reviews on Makeupalley and it has now become a staple for me. Smooths skin, gives it a clearer look and two stubborn spots are fading! Even with my sporadic use the difference is really noticeable. Gave my bottle to my sister-in-law to try and she just told me she loves it so I'm on the site buying more now!
      Reviewed by:   from Chicago. on 12/15/2013
    Rating Face Saver
    I am happy I found this product. I use it to clean my face about 3-4 times a week. This product will dry your face, so make sure you moisturize your face every day. Everyone is different maybe 3-4 times a week is too much or too little, test first and make sure to follow direction and MOSTURIZE your face. if you have oily skin like me, after using this product you can not live without it. However, please make sure not to over use the product, and cut down on the use after you see result to 1-2 times a week, with also taking breaks of not using the product. Cetaphil face wash and lotion are great, using 15% salicylic acid peel for spot treatment also works well with effective face treatment along with this product.
      Reviewed by:   from Tampa. on 12/14/2013
    Rating Best Product
    By far this is the best product I've used to refine the texture of the skin, making it appear firmer, more clear, more youthful.
      Reviewed by:   from WV. on 12/6/2013
    Rating SO much love for this!
    I've been using this faithfully for a few years now & it has SAVED my skin. I developed terrible hormonal breakouts in my mid-twenties and nothing helped. I tried high end products, home remedies, changing my diet...and everything in between. Using this once a week has really made a dramatic difference. My face doesn't break out anymore, the red spots & scars faded (most disappeared all together) and my skin feels & looks even and smooth.
      Reviewed by:   from NY. on 12/4/2013
    Rating Beautiful Results
    After spending $75 on a Mandelic Acid Peel and loving the results, I am thrilled to have found this through MUAC. I use twice a week now and cannot believe the difference in pore size and overall smoothness of my skin. I am anxious to see the effectiveness long term as each time my face seems to improve. Thank you for a great product!
      Reviewed by:   from Seattle, WA. on 11/23/2013
    Rating Not so ouchy
    I have tried some of the other peels such as the lactic peel and beta hydroxy which were great but if you want a peel without the pain but still good pore cleaning results this is the one to try. I do prefer the painful ones myself though as they seemed to give me more radiance and clarity.
      Reviewed by:   from Chester virginia. on 11/22/2013
    Rating Miracle in a Bottle
    I am so so so so sooo grateful I came across these products. Im telling ALL my friends about them at work, even loaned out my Mandelic acid to a friend who's face has started breaking out for the first time in her life and who already has a ton of hyperpigmentation. My face is smoother and more even-toned now than it has been in 7 years!!!!! I can actually go out in public without makeup on and not feel uncomfortable. Well, there is some residual unease from years of needing makeup to be seen, but when I see myself in a mirror without makeup now, I don't feel like crying. I can't wait til I've been using the Mandelic every 4 days for months! I can't even imagine how much better it will get!
      Reviewed by:   from Seattle, WA. on 11/20/2013
    Rating Aahmaazing Results
    Not just amazing but AAHMAAZING results. I use this about once a week and my skin has never looked better and there is no irritation whatsoever. Love the results each and every time. I go through a bottle a month these days :)
      Reviewed by:   from Dallas. on 11/5/2013
    Rating This product works for me
    I have rosacea and am very impressed with this mandelic acid formulation. It's just strong enough to give me the results I need (less redness, smoother pores), without causing my rosacea to flair.
      Reviewed by:   from California. on 11/2/2013
    Rating Simply amazing!
    I have a brown/bronze skin tone ( I'm Black), and always get scars after acne. I have been searching for something to get rid of the acne and even my skin tone for years. None of the so called "Best Sellers" could do ANYTHING for me but burn my face and make me breakout even more. I got tired of trying to fix my skin with makeup( which made it worse and made it looked caked on) and pretend my skin was fine. Thanks to the women of YouTube who have reviewed MUAC products and the staff of MUAC for recommending this to me! After the first use my skin looks brighter and is much smoother!
      Reviewed by:   from Indiana. on 10/31/2013
    Rating Awesome!
    Is a great product, gentle enough, and you see results right away, love it!!!
      Reviewed by:   from Houston, TX. on 10/23/2013
    Rating Changed My Life
    The Mandelic Acid peels have literally changed my life. I still have a little ways to go, but I am almost to the point where I can just wear a little loose powder to control shine and limit my use of foundation to cover these dark spots.
      Reviewed by:   from AZ. on 10/19/2013

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