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AAA Cream - Powerful Antioxidant Cream
AAA Cream - Powerful Antioxidant Cream

AAA Cream - Powerful Antioxidant Cream

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Our product is LOADED with antioxidant power (highly concentrated CoQ10/vitamin E acetate) and Skin Identical Lipids

CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10 or Ubiquinone)
CoQ10 is a scientifically proven skin care active that plays two important roles in anti-aging:

  1. It is essential for cellular respiration in the mitochondria (mitochondria:
    convert energy into forms that are usable by skin cells).

    Cell respiration is *essential* for cellular health and rejuvenation.
  2. It is a powerful antioxidant.

CoQ10 improves both the rate and efficiency of energy production in the cells, and at the same time protects mitochondria from free radicals.

 Advanced Skin Identical Lipids.....Skin Flux Ceramide Complex

  • Skin Flux is a concentrated formulated consisting of a multi-membrane
    system which resembles the lipid structure in the Stratum Corneum
  • Restores the protective barrier function of the skin
  • Ideal for aging, sensitive and dry skin
  • Enhances delivery of skin lipids
  • Clinicals of Skin Flux show an *immediate* 38% improvement in the 
    lipid structure of the skin

Hyaluronic Acid
An advanced humectant which holds 1,000 times its weight in water and is used in hospital burn units. 

Retinyl Palmitate
Retinyl palmitate accounts for about 80% of the vitamin A found in the skin. 
The advantages of using Retinyl Palmitate on the skin is that it is converted into retinoic acid in the cells and effectively give similar results to those seen with retinoic acid. 
It will help to keep skin stay soft and plump. 
Clinical results have shown that vitamin A palmitate increased significantly skin composition to increase collagen, DNA, skin thickness, and elasticity. 
Vitamin A palmitate's stability is superior to retinol.
Topical application of retinyl palmitate is the most sensible way for loading the skin with retinol (vitamin A). 
Retinyl Palmitate readily penetrates into the epidermis and dermis.

L-Ascorbic Acid
Studies show that L-ascorbic acid stimulates collagen synthesis, provides photoprotection, stays in the skin for up to 72 hours, and prevents UV immunosuppression, a reaction that occurs in more than 90% of skin cancer patients.  Collagen synthesis is essential to maintain healthy skin. Studies show that collagen decreases with aging and that photoaging accelerates the decrease. L-ascorbic acid serves as a signal, relaying a critical message to collagen genes to synthesize collagen.

Green Tea Extract
Topical application of the major polyphenol antioxidant in green tea (EGCg) reduces the amount of free radicals and inflammatory prostaglandins produced by immune cells in skin in response to UVB sun rays.  The results suggest that skin products containing sufficient green tea extract may help protect against UVB-induced skin aging and skin cancers.

5 Stars
Outstanding Product
I don't know why I'm the only person to review this cream. I've been using it for years. I am in my mid 40s and deal with adult acne, which is a huge pain. I have to use a prescription 24 hours a day acne medicine that dries out my skin. I also have wrinkles and acne fade marks. This cream is the best product I've found. It does not interfere with my prescription acne medicine, and it counteracts the drying agents. I can use it during the day and at night. If my skin is flaky I can use it under foundation to keep the flakiness at bay during the day, but I also use it at night to moisten. I use it directly over the acne medicine. I also use the MUAC retinal, sometimes all three products at the same time. No issues. I have fair, freckled skin. Although the cream is not made for eye use, and it will mildly sting if it gets into my eyes, I also use it in this area as well. I find it's more effective than regular eye cream. I can't say enough about this product.
Reviewed by:  from Eastern WA. on 2/17/2014
4 Stars
The cream is rich and works wonders on my neck!! It broke out my face within 24 hours with acne. That was a bummer.
Reviewed by:  from Georgia. on 9/14/2015
5 Stars
Best anti aging cream
I'm in love with this cream. My skin looks so plump and it gives me the moisture I need. I have extremely dry skin in the winter....but thanks to AAA cream, dry skin is no longer an issue. I Use a lot of MUAC products and love them all. I will never purchase skin care products anywhere else. MUAC is the only company I trust when it comes to my skin care.
Reviewed by:  from kY. on 3/26/2015
3 Stars
I like this product because it's feels light and my skin absorbed it well. Most importantly, it caused no breakouts. However, I probably wouldn't order it again but only because my skin drank it up so quickly, and I think my skin needs something a little more hydrating.
Reviewed by:  from California . on 8/11/2015
5 Stars
I am so pleased with this product. It is not a greasy moisturizer and does the trick. The ingredients are top notch and not a bunch of fillers. Only a small amount is needed, so it will last a long time. I've tried many products on the market for aging skin, and this has become part of my daily routine. Thanks for a wonderful product!
Reviewed by:  from USA. on 7/21/2014
1 Stars
I have been using MUAC products for over 7 years. I have tried the glycolic, salicylic, lactic, and mandelic peels, hyaluronic and glycolic serums, and few other products. Without fail, the best products on the market; I have oily, combination skin, with continued use I was maintaining clear healthy skin with only bellevolve eye serum and mandelic peels weekly. I bought this cream in January with every high hopes, after having tried a sample. This cream did not work for me. My skin broke out in deep cystic acne, not too long after. As I have never had an issue with MUAC products, I immediately started to rule out other products (face, makeup, and hair)... To no avail, at last I switched back to my former moisturizer. There have been no new acne bumps but I have the cystic acne already present and the scars from the last few weeks to deal with. I still think MUAC products are the best, I’ve just unfortunately found the one product that does not agree well with my skin. ****MUAC Comment: Calliana, we're terribly sorry the AAA Cream didn't work well for you. The office will be in-touch with you soon. Thank you for your feedback!****
Reviewed by:  from New York, NY. on 3/25/2016
4 Stars
I am yet another person who cannot understand why more reviews haven't been left for this great product. It's easy to apply with its consistency and isn't too rich to cause breakouts. I normally favour pumps due to it being easier and also maintaining the goodness of the product but have made an exception with this product. I've been using it since finding MUAC.
Reviewed by:  from Australia. on 5/7/2014
5 Stars
nice moisturizer
Its hard to tell if the active ingredients are doing much since I am using a lot of other products. However, this moisturizer goes on nicely, absorbs well, not greasy, wears well under makeup, doesn't irritate my eyes if you get there.
Reviewed by:  from NJ. on 12/13/2015
5 Stars
I finally found the perfect moisturizer for my skin!!! A little goes a long way and while it may be a little pricey, you do get what you pay for IT WORKS!!! A jar lasts me nearly 3 months so the cost balances itself out as far as cost. I don't know why this doesn't have more reviews, I will never buy anything else!!! Thank you for making this wonderful product. I am 50 and my skin tends to be oily and a little dry in winter and this keeps my skin hydrated without making it an oiler. Buy it, you will ask yourself why you waited so long!!!
Reviewed by:  from Ohio. on 11/11/2015
5 Stars
Amazing stuff!
I received a sample of this and used it after a peel. It sped up the healing time and my skin felt and looked amazing. I just ordered another sample however my local post office lost/misdelivered my order so I am using what I have left sparingly. Speaking of, you don't even need a lot to cover your face. Amazing stuff, going to order a full size as soon as I can.
Reviewed by:  from Devine, Tx. on 4/30/2015
5 Stars
AAA cream
Really like this moisturizer. Absorbs well and make my skin feel smooth and youthful.
Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 1/29/2015
2 Stars
It's ok...
First off, I am Asian in my mid-thirties and I have normal to dry skin. I've used the AAA Cream for about 2 months now and I just finished the jar. I thought this moisturizer would be good enough to to use on a daily basis and after a peel. My skin drinks this up so fast and absorbs quickly but it's not quite enough. My skin still feels thirsty after application, especially in the winter months. I feel like this would be more suited for for people with normal or sensitive skin types.
Reviewed by:  from San Jose, CA. on 1/2/2017
5 Stars
Love this cream, has a different consistency that locks in moisture. This is my 2nd container and will keep using it.
Reviewed by:  from South Jordan. on 2/2/2016
5 Stars
Just the Thing
This cream is the perfect moisturizer for my normal-to-oily acne-prone skin. At age 50, I am finding that my skin truly benefits from twice-a-day light moisture, which is what this product provides--but it also just makes my skin look and feel so much better. It absorbs perfectly, plumps skin, takes away minor dry patches, and leaves my face baby soft. It does not add any greasiness, has absolutely no fragrance, and it doesn't break me out. I use it summer and winter and it is perfect for my needs.
Reviewed by:  from Decatur. on 12/19/2016
5 Stars
Great Product
I also felt like it absorbed well and did not feel heavy on my skin. I have oily skin, so it is nice to have something that is not heavy and greasy feeling.
Reviewed by:  from TN. on 3/13/2016
5 Stars
Almost Magical
This cream smooths the texture of my skin, especially during the winter months. It's almost magical.
Reviewed by:  from Pittsburgh. on 1/18/2016
5 Stars
This is an excellent moisturiser, which has not broken me out. I highly recommend this moisturiser.
Reviewed by:  from Australia. on 9/1/2015
1 Stars
Not sure
I bought smallest amount and I use at night and especially after I did 12% tca peel but my face feels really dry after using it and I have to put other cream over top. Was hoping my face would feel really moisturized. Maybe more healing than mousturizing
Reviewed by:  from Montana. on 5/6/2016
5 Stars
Great creme
Can't say enough about this creme...I love it ...
Reviewed by:  from Cucamongs. on 4/26/2016
5 Stars
Love this moisturizer
I absolutely love this moisturizer and will probably never use another one. I have already bought my second jar - this time full-size!
Reviewed by:  from Murfreesboro. on 3/28/2016
2 Stars
I wanted to like this cream, but found it to not only leave my skin dry and I actually broke out from the product.
Reviewed by:  from Tampa, FL. on 3/27/2017

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