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Phytocell Renewal Serum - Apple Stem Cells
Phytocell Renewal Serum - Apple Stem Cells
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Phytocell Renewal Serum - Apple Stem Cells

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PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica is a liposomal preparation of apple stem cells developed by a novel, patent pending plant cell culture technology.  Cultivated from a rare Swiss apple that can actually heal its own wounds, these apple stem cells are rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites, assuring the longevity of human skin cells. 


Mibelle Biochemistry, of Switzerland, is the inventor and developer of this amazing skin active.  100% of clinical participants saw improvement in their skin.  

Our Phytocell Renewal Serum will:

  • increase the skin's stem cell production
  • protect the skin from aging
  • protects the skin from environmental stress and UV exposure.. helps prevent skin cell DNA damage
  • decreases wrinkles and rejuvenates skin
  • improves crow's feet
  • provides the skin with an overall better tone and texture
  • good for all skin types
  • works well under makeup
  • delays the aging of hair follicles

Our Phytocell Renewal Serum is available in a 2 dr sample size and 1 oz full size.

Rating Wow this is one of my all time favs
Love this stuff has made such a difference to my face and yes great for eye lashes.
  Reviewed by:   from Hobart Australia . on 4/6/2015
Rating Visible results within a few uses
Despite the amazing reviews for this serum, I wasn't expecting this to work miracles or for any visible changes to appear within the first week of use. I suppose that was because I have had mediocre results from skincare with similar claims. But, wow! This stuff really works! I have a few shallow acne scars around my forehead and mouth, as well as some large open pores across and around my nose. This serum, after three weeks of use, has already dramatically improved the appearance of my scars and my pores appear reduced in size.
  Reviewed by:   from United Kingdom. on 3/23/2015
Rating WOW
I really don't want to gush but I like everyone else out there has tried every thing on the planet. I know I have from 300.00 dollars a jar to anything else I might think will be the Holy Grail that I'm in search of but I've come to the conclusion there is no such thing as an anti-aging product its even a contradiction of terms if you think about it were all aging and there's nothing to stop it but will not stop trying. And thank god I didn't for I have found a product reasonably priced that people are asking why I'm looking so much younger and I just poo poo it saying thanks but they say no really what are you doing and I'm glad other people are seeing it for I am also. This phytocell is amazing and I'm not one to gush about anything but if your aging and see it you need to try this stuff and I mean within a couple of days I saw it. Thanks so much love it love it love it
  Reviewed by:   from San Diego. on 2/15/2015
Another holy grail. This and the Transforming Anti Eye Repair will always be in my house now. My skin is tighter and younger looking. It is also very smooth to the touch. I am very eager to see what it is like if I actually use it as regularly as the recommend because I currently only use it like 3-4 times a week..
  Reviewed by:   from South Korea. on 2/4/2015
Rating AMAZING!!!!
I tried this product on the recommendation of a friend and one month and BAM my eyebrows (one was once accidentally totally waxed off) are fuller, more even and looking fantastic!!!! I even submitted a before and after photo I have recommended this to ALL my friends who have been victims of the thin eyebrow 90s!
  Reviewed by:   from New York. on 9/8/2014
Rating Great product
I am not one to write reviews unless I am really impressed with a product and believe in what I am spending my money on. This serum is wonderful. It does exactly what it says. I used this mainly at night before bed and the next morning my face was plump and my skin was glowing. It makes an unbelievable difference. I purchased the duo stem cell serum this past order. It is a new product that has the same ingredient as this does but with the added citrus stem cell. I am excited to get home and start using this product because I know it will give great results as well.
  Reviewed by:   from KY. on 9/4/2014
Rating Very Surprised!
I received a bottle in July, and used it everyday, twice a day. It took nearly a month for me to really see the smoothing and tone change. I have good skin but I'm trying to use preventative measures as I age and I will be buying this again!
  Reviewed by:   from NV. on 8/29/2014
Rating 1st. time user
Others has stated that this also made their eyebrows grow back, so true it did, I was one of those that over plucked and now new hair growth is arriving everyday, I do like how this sinks into my skin and creates a nice after glow on my skin.
  Reviewed by:   from Hendersonville, TN.. on 8/22/2014
Rating Great Product!
Love this product! I immediately noticed my pores minimized and a smoother complexion. It's not heavy or greasy so I am able to wear it under my foundation without a problem. I highly recommend.
  Reviewed by:   from Huntsville, AL. on 8/21/2014
Rating great for summer
this has kept my summer oily skin clear as can be, i don't know if that's the intention, but that's how it has worked for me. lovely under a bit of moisturizer. i think it will be too drying for winter, but intend to give it a try.
  Reviewed by:   from vermont. on 8/12/2014
Rating MeridianRN
Love this stuff! Makes my skin feel supple and smooth. I'm glad I ordered the full size.
  Reviewed by:   from Meridian, MS. on 8/12/2014
Rating Phytocell Renewal Serum - Apple Stem Cells
**WOW** Amazing product!
  Reviewed by:   from Nottingham, MD. on 8/7/2014
Rating Use as hair loss product
I am 60 yrs old and have been battling hair thinning for the past year. I didn't have huge patches missing, just much more hair in my brushes, clothes, bedding etc. I saw this product and decided to try it and have been amazed. I have had at least a 50% reduction in hair shedding. I also use it on my face and neck which tightens my skin considerably and I can easily apply makeup over it. Its a little expensive for the bigger size but well worth it. Will definitely keep using it. ***MUAC Comment: While we do not advertise this product as one that regrows hair, it does help the hair follicles from aging as quickly as they normally would.****
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 8/3/2014
Rating without a doubt
This stuff is pretty incredible. My problem is I forget how wonderful it is after I run out. Consistent usage is key to keeping my complexion looking great and every time I reorder, I am amazed at how much it improves the clarity and texture of my skin. It truly is the fountain of youth. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
  Reviewed by:   from Kansas City. on 7/2/2014
Rating My Holy Grail
This serum takes years off my face and neck. My face glows! My neck looks more youthful. This is my holy grail skincare product. Thank you MUAC!
  Reviewed by:   from Burlington, VT. on 6/12/2014
Rating forever young
OMG i have spent alot of $$$ on very expensive high strength copper peptides etc to magically give my aging skin back the glow that started to wain after 30-35 and what a waste! This stuf is amazeballs i cant believe how plump smooth and dewy my skin looks practically overnight! actually it firms and thickens the skinn so well i out it on my underarms and bthigh area amazing u wake actually seeing the difference i already bought a bak up bottle after 2 weeks so i did not have to ship it in extremely hot weather im too scared ill run out!!!
  Reviewed by:   from seattle wa. on 6/5/2014
Rating sweet!
This is a lovely lovely serum. It makes my skin feel so good and it smells really nice (not a perfume) but a refreshing something. I love the texture, and I've used up my sample so I have to order more of the full size.
  Reviewed by:   from Canada. on 5/14/2014
Rating Works Over Time
I have been using this serum since it was first introduced. I am sure it is responsible for improved facial skin texture and glow. I use it twice a day, every day. I also use a few drops in my hair after I shampoo and towel dry.
  Reviewed by:   from Salt Lake City. on 5/12/2014
Rating Phytocell Renewal Serum - Apple Stem Cells
I purchased trial sizes of many serums so it took me a while to get around to this one but once I used it a few days I was hooked and have been using it exclusively for weeks now. Now I am going to need to order full size! My skin looks fantastic and this serum is not sticky, oily or occlusive. I have sensitive skin but it has not bothered me at all. It is great under makeup (no pilling/balling up) and great at night (no greasy pillowcase). In winter I would need moisture on top but in the humid mid-west I don't right now. I use sunscreen moisturizer over it during the day. I love this so much I am considering the hair care too.
  Reviewed by:   from MO. on 4/30/2014
Rating Truly It WORKS! + Surprise
I've been using this product faithfully twice a day for just about six months. The main reason for using this serum was for the skin under my eyes along my cheekbone was looking thin. I read that this product was good for that issue. In those six months I can truly say that my skin no longer looks so thin and I am pleased with the results. I plan to continue using this serum for as long as it is available. My Surprise! Prior to buying this serum I read the review where someone noticed hair re-growth where it had previously been lost or thinned out. Well, I found that to be very true for me too. To my surprise I noticed my hairline near my part there was dark hair growing! Dark? I've been gray in that area for over five years and I expect to see gray roots! I couldn't believe it! I also spread this serum under my eyes I've noticed my bottom eyelashes are thicker! Yes, I do spread it close to my waterline as it does not burn or irritate my eyes. I wonder what it could do for my top lashes? If it can do that for my hairline what will it do for my thinning graying eyebrows? I've started using the serum directly on that area and it is too early to post results, but I feel confident it will help. I've not noticed any crazy unwanted hair growth either! This apple stem cell serum has proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that it does renew multiple areas of my skin and hair.
  Reviewed by:   from Ocean County NJ. on 4/2/2014
Rating Love it!
I am a new MUAC fan! I LOVE this product. I have used this product for the last two months and will never be without it every again! My skin looks fabulous and more fabulous!
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 2/22/2014
Rating Love Phytocell Renewal Serum!
I recently tried this serum and I am completely in love with how well nourished and smooth my skin looks.
  Reviewed by:   from CO. on 1/30/2014
Rating Exceptional Product
I first started using this almost two years ago before it was widely known. Now the world is learning my secret for younger looking skin. This is one of my favorites for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing my skin and tightening up my facial features. So aahmaazing!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Dallas. on 11/5/2013
Rating Another great product
I have been using this website for products for a number of years and have never been disappointed. The items are reasonable and do what they promise. With this serum I have found my fine lines are less and my complexion much brighter.
  Reviewed by:   from Fleming Island . on 11/5/2013
Rating Love this stuff!!
I make sure that I'm never out of this product. I've noticed a side affect that I love...it has regrown a small patch of hair at my hairline! I have had a thin spot on my forehead that has been that way since my 'baby' was born...she'll be 20 this month!! Nothing has worked. My hairdresser even noticed it! Feels good on skin too.
  Reviewed by:   from Atlanta. on 10/18/2013
Rating Youth in a bottle
This is my go to serum and will be for as long as it's available. I apply it once a day, sometimes twice. It lasts me about one month. I am 41, but have always looked a few years younger than my actual age. I don't mind aging, but that doesn't mean I want to look my age, so this serum is a terrific weapon in my anti-aging arsenal. I have received several comments in the months since I started using it. My skin is smoother and has a nice brightness to it. Fine lines are looking more smooth, less "creasy." Highly recommend. It's worth every penny!
  Reviewed by:   from AZ. on 10/16/2013

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