I've neglected my skin for too many years and never thought I could get the results I have without fillers, botox or expensive trips to the skin care clinic. Looking at my "before" pic, I didn't realize my skin was in that bad of shape! I was so focused on my forehead wrinkles and "smokers lines" that I never saw the crepey skin around my eyes and mouth/cheek area nor the brown spots all over my face! What my before pics don't show is a psoriasis I've had near the tip of my nose for at least a year, blackheads between my eyebrows and dry patches on the sides of my nose that I've always had. All of those are completely gone, in 5 weeks!! It honestly used to be a chore to even get my face washed before bed but after seeing and feeling how soft my face is, I find myself washing it within 5 minutes of coming home from work. My skin care routine using all MUAC products.

Morning :
Green Tea Pomegranate or DMAE cleaner (love both)
Beautifeye lifting Serum (instant eye lift!)
Phytocell Renewal Serum (yes, it does make brows grow, ha!)
Green Tea Pomegranate Moisturizer (sinks right in!)

Green Tea or DMAE cleaner
TAA Eye Repair 
Gly-luronic Miracle Correction Serum
Phytocell Serum (just on eyebrows)
Green Tea Pomegranate Moisturizer 

In addition to the above products, I've done weekly 40% Glycolic Peels and my first18% TCA peel on December 25th. I'm so excited to see the continuing changes in my skin. If you are feeling like there is no hope for your skin, give MUAC products a try! They have literally changed my life in a little over a month, amaaaazing!!! 

Thank you MUAC! XOXO