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Brush Off
Brush Off

Brush Off

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Will Brush Off Save Me Time?     

- Simply spray Brush Off directly onto your brush (a couple of times is enough)
- Take a tissue
- Brush it off
- Dries in moments
- Repeat as needed

Compare the Brush Off Way to the old way of washing your brushes with soap and water, leaving them to dry overnight and hoping they will be dry before you need them. Chances are you put off cleaning your makeup brushes because of the hassle.
Do professional makeup artists use Brush Off?

Brush Off was initially developed to help makeup artists clean brushes at the makeup counter. Now, many of the worlds leading cosmetic companies use Brush Off before each makeover.

I'm the only person who uses my makeup brushes.  Why do I need to clean them?
Bacteria growth and skin oil build-up occur even if you are the only one using the brush. Experts say it is important to replace your mascara every few months because of potential contamination. The same concept of bacteria build-up applies to makeup brushes.

Can I use Brush Off on my lip brush?

Brush Off works great on a lip brush. In fact, you can use Brush Off on all your brushes; powder, blush, contour, shadow, etc.

How will Brush Off affect my brushes?
Our customers tell us that Brush Off has been great for their brushes.
They are pleased that Brush Off has a conditioning effect.

They also say it beats using soap and water whereby the paint would chip
and the bristles would become coarse or fall out.

Will Brush Off bother my sensitive skin?
Brush Off was designed to be very mild. Since Brush Off was introduced in April of 1992, it has been used by professionals millions of times with satisfactory results. The chances are excellent that Brush Off will be compatible with your sensitive skin.

Why aren't ingredients listed on this product?
The FDA considers Brush Off a Consumer Product, not a Cosmetic. Ingredient listings are not required for Consumer Products.

Although the manufacturers don't reveal all the ingredients in their product, it may be helpful for you to know that Brush Off contains alcohol in the form of ethanol and an anti-bacterial agent in the form of benzalkonium chloride.
5 Stars
No more soaking brushes
I used to hardly ever wash my makeup brushes. I would put it off because it was such a hassle. It would take a while to get all the product off, even with soap and water, plus I'd have to leave them to dry for several hours. My reward for being responsible? They'd start to fray and the hairs would gradually fall out! Not anymore. With this product I now clean my brushes AFTER EVERY USE and it's no trouble at all. A few spritz, then tissue off the makeup. It dries literally in seconds so I can just pop my brushes back into my makeup bag. No more soaking the brush under the faucet...which tends to deteriorate the glue that holds the bristles to the handle. I do not recommend using Brush Off to clean brushes used with liquid foundation. For me, this cleans off powder makeup the best. Won't let my brushes get nasty ever again! Highly recommend! I purchased the smaller bottle first, then the large refill bottle once I got low. Now--GO CLEAN THOSE GROSS BRUSHES!!!
Reviewed by:  from Banning, CA. on 10/5/2016
5 Stars
Being in the performing arts/singing business, and sometimes sharing brushes with others this has been a great addition to being able to share without the worry of bacteria or also sharing skin problems or breakouts. It dries so fast and does not stay wet. Love it!
Reviewed by:  from Nebraska. on 10/12/2015
5 Stars
Great Prduct
This product delivers on it's promise to clean your brushes like new. Quick & easy to use. Sorry I didn't learn about it sooner.
Reviewed by:  from NJ. on 5/19/2015

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