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MUAC Enzyme Night Cream

MUAC Enzyme Night Cream

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MUAC Enzyme Night Cream is a replenishing nightly moisturizer. Gently exfoliates and helps boost cell turnover, as it nourishes and renews skin with advanced hydration and conditioning. Smoothes skin and enhances radiance for a clearer, brighter, more youthful complexion.  Good for all skin types.
Paraben free.

Key Ingredients and their functions:
Papaya Extract Rich in Papain (papaya enzyme) and vitamins helps remove old, surface dead cells that cause skin to look dull and lackluster, so skin regains its radiance and resilience. 
Multi Fruit Acid Complex (Sugar Cane, Lemon, Orange & Apple Extracts) helps to promote cellular turnover for smoother skin. 
Collagen Amino Acids greatly enhance the penetration of moisture and deep condition skin. 
Adenosine Triphosphate works similarly to the body's own ATP (the molecular “currency” of cellular activity) and has strong potential as a cell-communicating ingredient and inflammation modulator.
Malic Acid is a Mild AHA that helps skin look younger & firmer.  Slower, more even penetration ensures less potential for irritation. 
Biotin helps fortify skin for improved barrier function. 
Sodium Hyaluronate helps to hydrate and plump skin. 
Cucumber, Kiwi & Sage Extracts are vitamin and mineral-rich extracts that nourish, soothe and moisturize.

3 Stars
Not very moisturizing for a night cream
I haven't been using this cream for long enough to tell if the enzymes are working, but I've never had an MUAC product that didn't work, so I have faith. However - for a night cream, this is not very moisturizing at all. It absorbs completely, very quickly, leaving completely dry skin. I've tried putting it on over a hyaluronic acid cream, and it made no difference. I think of night creams as leaving your skin at least a little creamy/oily/moist/protected. I have dry/very dry skin, so I've just been putting another moisturizer over it, but I don't know if that will interfere with the cream. Also, there's a slightly odd smell - I tried to identify it the other day, and the closest I could come was artificial banana. So it's fine, but I won't be repurchasing.
Reviewed by:  from US. on 4/6/2017
4 Stars
Like this product very much. Seems to even out my skin tone and leaves it smooth. Not greasy but feel moist when applied. Will buy agaiin.
Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 4/3/2017
5 Stars
I have used many MUAC products over the years, including peels, serums and retinols. But then I tried this enzyme night cream and WOW! My skin feels like silk in the morning, and my pores are almost invisible. My neck seems firmer and the lines on my forehead and around my eyes are gradually disappearing. I wish I could buy enough to use over my entire body! This is a must have for me.
Reviewed by:  from Franklin, TN. on 5/7/2017
3 Stars
enzyme effectiveness
I like the consistency and smell is unobtrusive, but no discernible difference in skin texture for me. 55, dryer skin with age spot concerns. I use H.A prior to application.
Reviewed by:  from ohio. on 4/25/2017

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