MUAC Enzyme Serum

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MUAC Enzyme Serum
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MUAC's new Enzyme Serum is high potency which helps accelerate cell turnover and speed up the production of fresh, younger cells. Actively hydrates and revives tired skin. Complexion regains its youthful radiance and resilience.
Paraben free.
Key Ingredients and their functions:
Papaya Enzyme and Glycolic Acid are a power-packed combination that helps break down the bonds that hold cells together, so the actives effectively eliminate the old, surface dead cells that cause skin to look dull and lackluster.  Effectively accelerates cell turnover and speeds up the production of fresh, younger cells so skin regains its vibrancy, radiance and resilience. 
Collagen Amino Acids greatly enhance the penetration of moisture and deep condition skin. 
Adenosine Triphosphate works similarly to the body's own ATP (the molecular ?currency? of cellular activity) and has strong potential as a cell-communicating ingredient and inflammation modulator. 
Malic Acid is an AHA that helps skin look younger & firmer. Slower, more even penetration ensures less potential for irritation. 
Biotin helps fortify skin for improved barrier function. 
Sodium Hyaluronate helps to hydrate and plump skin. 
Cucumber, Kiwi & Sage Extracts are vitamin and mineral-rich extracts that nourish, soothe and moisturize.

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