MUAC Oval Makeup Brush Set - 10 pieces

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Oval Makeup Brushes

Jump into the new trend in makeup application... oval makeup brushes.  We are beginning with a very limited, budget-friendly inventory to see how our clients like this new concept in makeup application.  If you love them, we'll continue this version while also introducing a very high end metal version.  See specs for *this* set below: 

You'll receive a 10-brush set made up of flat-top brushes... some are ovals, some are linear, and some are smaller rounds.

  • Use with liquids, creams, and powdered products.  
  • The brush-heads are made of extremely soft, synthetic fibers.  They are very densely packed... a great brush head!
  • These "hold" product beautifully!
  • These are made of plastic with a soft silicone grip.  Light and easy to use.
  • Rose gold coloration where the brush heads are assembled, also made with plastic.
  • Gift Boxed.

Suggested uses:
Large/Medium Ovals: Foundations, BB Creams, Setting Powder, Blush, Highlighter
Liners:  Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Eye Creases
Small Ovals:  Concealer, Undereye concealer, Eyeshadow

Cleaning:  Use our Brush Off for quick cleaning.
For deeper cleaning, use baby shampoo to thoroughly cleanse the brush-heads only.  Reshape and dry flat.

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