MUAC PhytX Peel
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MUAC PhytX Peel

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MUAC PhytX Peel
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PhytX Peel 
pH 1.0 

This is an exciting product... we're so happy to offer it to you.

What is Phytic Acid?

Our Phytic Acid is derived from rice.  Exfoliating properties allow this ingredient to be incorporated into products where harsh AHAs are not desirable. Phytic Acid provides chemical exfoliation to restore the natural radiance of skin and to deliver a brightening effect for healthy glowing tones. 

Some background:

Phytic Acid was first used clinically in early 1995 as a skin lighting agent. It works by blocking the entrance of iron and copper in the formation of melanin.  As well as acting as a melanin formation blocker, Phytic Acid was described by Pugliese (Peter Pugliese, MD. Philadelphia, USA) as an iron specific antioxidant and he demonstrated its chelated action on iron, copper and calcium. This antioxidant action is important to the skin, because oxidation stress is an important factor in the reduction of the inflammatory process, the precursor to post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation lesions. 

MUAC PhytX Peel:

Phytic Acid works best when formulated with AHA's.  Phytic is the primary acid in our formulation, but it also contains mandelic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, and hyaluronic.  

This is a superficial skin peel, and will remove the top layers of the epidermis only.

You will feel a stinging sensation while the peeling serum is on the skin.  Look under our instructions tab for specific instructions, but the basics will be to cleanse, apply the PhytX Serum until you feel your skin begin to sting... then wait, let the stinging-sensation subside, then moisturize.  No, you will *not* be rinsing the peeling serum from the skin.  It will self neutralize. Use it at night, go to bed, and wake up with amazing skin in the morning.


  • Exfoliates
  • Smoothes
  • Reduces hyper-pigmentation, PIH, Melasma
  • Reduces Acne
  • Reduces Lines and Wrinkles
  • Tightens Skin
  • Refines Pores
  • Brightens Skin Tones
  • Rejuvenates Dull Mature Skin
  • Balances Oil and Sebum Production
  • An excellent choice for late teenaged skin acne
Your full sized kit will include:

Your choice of a 1 oz or 2 oz bottle of peeling serum
1 oz Green Tea/Pomegranate Cleanser
1 oz Green Tea Moisturizer

We also offer an acid-only option.  If you choose this option, make *certain* you are using only basic cleansing and moisturizing... no acne related products, no acids, no benzoyl peroxides, no scrubs, no retinoids, no witch hazels, no vitamin c, no cleansing brushes, nothing that exfoliates, that is drying or acne related, no whitening products... just basic cleansing and moisturizing.

MUAC PhytX Peel is an amazing formula that will give your skin the smooth, youthful, clear, luminous look you desire.  

We LOVE this product.  You will, too!

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