MUAC Radiance Peel - 80% Organic Content
MUAC Radiance Peel

MUAC Radiance Peel - 80% Organic Content

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pH 2.5 

An alpha beta peel, with mandelic acid and fruit acids.   
Formulated with more natural forms of acids, this peel is excellent for all skin types. 

80% organic content.


--Excellent skin exfoliation 
--Brighten skin tones
--Deep clean pores  
--Reduces appearance of large pores 
--Refine skin tone and texture
--Reduce blackheads and comedomes
--Helps to alleviate sun damage
--Smoothes uneven skin tones
--Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Instructions listed above, under corresponding tab.

Mandelic acid, a relatively new alpha hydroxy derived from bitter almonds,
is proving to be a powerful agent against sun damage and uneven skin tones.

General Cautions:

--Never use manual exfoliators nor scrubbing brushes within 24 hours of using a peel.

--Stop Retin A, benzoyl peroxides, acne products and any other drying agents 24 hours before and after using an alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy peel.
--If you are allergic to aspirin products, never use a salicylic acid nor beta hydroxy peel
--Never apply a peel without doing a patch-test first and waiting 48 hours for results

--Never apply a chemical peel to inflamed skin.
--Always read product directions in their entirety and don't take shortcuts.
--Use our BellEvolve Advanced Repair Cream for skin that has been chemically over processed.  It contains advanced healing agents that will quickly get your skin back to normal.
--When in doubt about a caution, please write or call us for more information.
See what one of our clients says about the Radiance peel... and her application demo... on YouTube... this is an unsoliciated video she sent us as an fyi... and we thank her sincerely!!

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