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Makeup Artists Choice Azelaic Salicylic w/Licorice Root Extract

Makeup Artists Choice Azelaic Salicylic w/Licorice Root Extract

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pH 4.9

Our Azelaic Salicylic Overnight Gel is a multi-tasking product good for all skin types, as our formulation is non-drying and skin brightening... both Azelaic and Licorice extracts will help to brighten your skin tones.  It is a light exfoliant that will *not* produce peeling.

What is Azelaic Acid?

Azelaic acid is in a class of medications called dicarboxylic acids.  It works to treat *rosacea* by decreasing the swelling and redness of the skin.  

It works to treat acne by killing the bacteria that infect pores and by decreasing production of keratin, a natural
substance that can lead to the development of acne.  It is an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial active ingredient.*

Our Formulation

Our product was formulated for all skin types.  Our owner has dry skin and finds this formula to be hydrating and brightening.

With the addition of salicylic acid and licorice root extract, this product will deep clean and refine pores, reduce acne breakouts, brighten skin tones, and refine skin that has a coarse, bumpy texture.

This has a light gel-type consistency and absorbs into the skin nicely.  It can be used with our other serums, should you wish to.


Removes dead skin cells from the skin's surface without visible peeling
Improves Rosacea
Improves Acne
Loosens Blackheads
Reduces PIH
Reduces acne marks
Refines coarse/bumpy skin texture
Brightens skin tones

Offered in a 3 gram sample jar or a 1 oz jar with spatula.


5 Stars
I’m probably one of the few people in the world whose face turns bright red when I use this. Then the next day I look A-MAZ-ING. I leave it on all night (I hope I’m supposed to). My only question is how often should you use this? ****MUAC Comment: Thank you for your review! This is, indeed, an overnight product. Use it 3-4 times a week. As you skin adjusts, you could use it nightly if needed.****
Reviewed by:  from VA. on 1/13/2019
5 Stars
Great product
I bought a sample size of this with another purchase. I've been trying to find an azeleic product that wasn't suspended in silicone because it make me break out almost immediately. This gel is great, it goes on nicely and isn't sticky, and when I wake up my skin feel smooth and clear. So far no breakouts. When's the next sale? I'll be being the full size!
Reviewed by:  from Lanlgey. on 1/11/2019
5 Stars
This stuff is amazing
I cannot believe this doesn't have more reviews or that this cost what it does. If used with a proper skin care regimen and not relied on entirely on its own, it is amazing! I wear it about every other night and it gives you the "glass skin" look. I have acne prone, combination skin with otherwise large pores. This addresses all of that and keeps my skin clear. It is important to have a proper gentle exfoliator because with regular use your skin will peel (which is where the magic happens)
Reviewed by:  from Boston. on 1/8/2019
5 Stars
Does exactly as it says!!
Reviewed by:  from Beggs. on 1/8/2019
4 Stars
Works great for acne
I suffer from endometriosis and get a lot of bad hormonal breakiuts especially on my chin, jaw and forehead. I was also vetting a lot of blackheads and clogged pires. After only one use and the use of my comedone extractor I noticed my pores were completely cleaned and free from blackheads. The active acne I had was noticeably less inflammed and reduced in size dramatically. After my third use my blackheads have stayed away and I havent had any new breakouts. Only complaint is it smells really bad. It smells of pure rubbing alcohol and despite not putting this even close to my eyes I had to close them because the mask fumes irritated my eyes and made them sting/water. However it did not sting or irritate my skin at all its just really stinky. I left the mask on for 30 minutes and removed it. Not a fan of the slimy texture but because it worked so well on my acne I'll definitely continue to use this.
Reviewed by:  from Elk Grove. on 1/6/2019
5 Stars
Great product
I am a fan of many of the MUAC products. This is a good addition to the arsenal. It’s a little tingly and caused a tiny bit of peeling but definitely gives your skin a glow. As a 55 year old woman that is impressive. It’s good for acne and blackheads too so i May have my son try it too.
Reviewed by:  from New York City. on 12/16/2018

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