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What is a TCA Peel? - 12.5%, 15%, 18%, 30% Adjustable Kit

Trichloroacetic Acid, or more commonly known as TCA, is a popular acid type used in chemical peels when a deeper penetration is needed for more extensive skin care problems.

Our strongest TCA is our 30% TCA Adjustable Kit which allows you to select a strength and mix it, per the instructions we include with your kit.  The 30% TCA Kit is very versatile in that you can begin with a 10% TCA strength and mix all the way up to 25%.  

Using a low TCA strength allows your skin to adjust to this deeper-penetrating-acid, and while flaking-peeling may be very minimal at low strength for some clients, the acid is still treating the skin.

This acid is typically used for acne scarring, "orange peel" skin textures, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, age spots, freckles and other more difficult to treat skin care issues.  TCA can help to refine skin texture, reduce the appearance of large pores and refresh damaged skin to a new glow.

It is ***very important*** to note that TCA can actually *darken* the skin of those persons who have naturally darker skin tones, rather than to lighten the skin.  If you tend to darken easily, this acid may not be for you.  African American skin tones should be extremely carefuly when using this peel for skin evening.  While it works beautifully for some, it can cause the unwanted darkening mentioned above.  How can you know?  Patch-test your skin in an area where you tend to darken to see how the TCA performs for you.  Follow our directions exactly as written and don't deviate from them.    

TCA typically works best if you are in the Fitzpatrick scale range I-III.  If you are type IV or above, purchase a sample and thoroughly patch-test your skin to ensure the skin does not darken at higher strengths of TCA.
  • Type I (scores 0–6) always burns, never tans (pale white; blond or red hair; blue eyes; freckles).
  • Type II (scores 7–13) usually burns, tans minimally (white; fair; blond or red hair; blue, green, or hazel eyes)
  • Type III (scores 14–20) sometimes mild burn, tans uniformly (cream white; fair with any hair or eye color)
  • Type IV (scores 21–27) burns minimally, always tans well (moderate brown)
  • Type V (scores 28–34) very rarely burns, tans very easily (dark brown)
  • Type VI (scores 35–36) Never burns (deeply pigmented dark brown to darkest brown)

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