Transforming Anti Aging Serum - LOADED with multi-actives
Transforming Anti Aging Serum

Transforming Anti Aging Serum - LOADED with multi-actives

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Transforming Anti Aging Serum

The most all-inclusive anti aging treatment we offer.  Our active ingredients give you all the benefits of multiple products in one treatment.  

SNAP 8 - an octapeptide, SNAP 8 is the "big brother" of Argireline® (topical botox alternative).  SNAP 8 is an elongation of the famous hexapeptide Argireline®. SNAP-8 reduces the depth of wrinkles on the face caused by the contraction of muscles of facial expression, especially in the forehead and around the eyes.

Matrixyl - palmitoyl pentapeptide-3.  A powerful peptide molecule which stimulates collagen production, reduces wrinkles, stimulates lower layers of the skin to heal themselves which in-turn accelerates the healing of wounds.  Stimulates the matrix layers in the skin... collagen and fibronectin  When these are simulated, the skin produces more collagen, and aids in reduction of thinning skin, greatly reduces formulation of new wrinkles.  Matrixyl helps to repair elastin fibers.  Increases overall collagen synthesis by up to 117%, increases collagen IV synthesis by up to 327%, increases hyaluronic acid synthesis by up to 276%.  

MDI Complex - inhibits the breakdown of elastin and collagen thus providing strengthening of connective tissue

Ceramides - functioning at the molecular level of the skin, this ceramide complex smoothes rough skin, repairs skin that has been damaged by detergent use (soaps), and significantly increases water content in the skin.

Skin Flux  - resembles your natural lipid barrier.  Skin Flux protects the skin's moisture barrier and  deeply moisturizes

DMAE (4%....maximum for optimal results without irritation) - lift, lift, lift.

Actigen 02 - an oxygenating active which enhances the delivery of other active ingredients in the formulation and increases the removal of skin toxins, and reduces undereye puffiness. 

Squalane - helps to repair wounded skin, provides moisture that mimics the skin's natural ability to moisturize, typically derived from olives.

This product is a white, semi translucent serum.  Cutting edge anti aging, advanced peptide technology.  Fragrance free.

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