Since 2004 my skin had been horrible since i could remember!! I would usually breakout mostly due to stress, but i also would not properly care for my skin when it did breakout which caused horrible scarring!! My face had always been the worst on my cheeks, temples, and chin (terrible blemishes, pores, oil, BUMPS, you name it!!). I could cover it up with makeup but what good is a blemish-free face with pimples all over it?? 

So one day i was on Youtube and noticed alot of people talking about Makeup Artist's Choice skincare products. Unlike most people, i had never really tried alot of different products on my face so facial products were completely new to me. I just figured my skin would always be bad. I went on the site and noticed ALOT of people whos faces looked just like mine, but their outcomes were amazing. The first product i used from MUAC was the 12.5 tca peel followed by the Rose Hibiscus Scar cream. The peel worked very well at drying out the bumps that i currently had on my face. I was very pleased with it so i went up in %'s, until finally settling at 21%. My face literally glows!! 

To maintain my new clear skin i use my 50% glycolic acid once every 2 weeks, and the Mandelic/Salicylic peel once a month. I use the .30 retinol every other night w/ argan oil to reduce dryness the next morning. Before my makeup application in the morning i use the Syn-hycan boost serum, which i credit for my glow and very healthy looking skin, and a primer. I have purchased alot of products from MUAC for over a year and i feel that i have definitely found my signature items. No gimmicks, nothing fancy, just good effective skincare extremely grateful.