A huge huge thank you to MUAC! I've been using the 15% salicylic peel and 40% mandelic acid peel for the past three months. 
My main concerns were the stubborn closed comedones on my forehead that wouldn't go away no matter what I tried and hyperpigmentation on my cheeks.
After my first use of the mandelic peel I was amazed at how much my skin was GLOWING! After my first use of the salicylic peel, my skin feel baby smooth to the touch.
Fast forward three months later, my forehead is almost completely cleared up and my skin is so much more even. As you can see, the small patch of hyperpigmentation on my jawline (after picking at a spot) is completely gone.  My skin has a dramatically smoother texture and my pores are less visible especially around the nose.
The best thing is that my skin KEEPS improving and I'm not noticing a plateau at all like I have done with other products in the past!
I am so pleased and cannot wait to explore more MUAC products as I now have absolute confidence in them!
Before (left)                                                    After (right)