Good evening,
I just wanted to share my progress with you and thank you. I am 32 and began seeing signs of aging around my mouth area. I felt incredibly self-conscious about my increasingly prominent nasolabial folds. At one point I was considering some cosmetic procedure like an injectable, but since I prefer to be as natural and organic as possible, I wanted something as drastic as a cosmetic medical procedure to be a last resort. 
So for the last eight months, I've incorporated a new regimen using the MUAC Radiance Peel. I did a peel once a week for four weeks and then took 2 weeks off before starting with weekly peels again. Later I included Phytocell Renewal Serum into my daily regimen mixing it with aloe vera gel to stretch the product out a bit. I began seeing noticeable results within two months and am convinced that if I start consistently doing face yoga and using a Kanza wand, I can completely erase my marionette lines and undereye bags with the help of the Radiance Peel and Phytocell Renew. See before and after pictures below. 
Thank you for creating affordable and efficient products and for saving me from falling into the Botox/Juvederm etc. trap. I'm hooked!