Hi MUAC!!  
So I'm not usually one to write testimonials but I've been struggling with acne ever since I was 12 years old (I'm 23 now!!) and this has been the biggest gamechanger for me ever in that 11 year period. 
Last year it got bad, like really really really bad. Horrible cystic acne that I would try to squeeze out (i know i shouldnt, it's so bad) and then it would scab and then I'd be left trying to deal with the scars. Horrible cycle. 
I've tried EVERYTHING to fix it, even went to the dermatologist but nothing they prescribed made any difference. I thought about going on accutane but heard so many bad things that I got really scared. 
So while dealing with active acne + scarring I researched chemical peels online and found out about MUAC. The 40% mandelic acid peelsalicylic acid and fade serumhave been A GODSEND!!!  My holy grail products if ever there were any. I started about six months ago and I've basically used a peel every five days. I feel like over time my skin has been dealing better with it so I can let it stay on for a little longer (5-6 minutes as opposed to 2-3 in the beginning). 
I have Asian skin and I've always had trouble with acne scarring (hyperpigmentation) so the fact that these peels are able to fade those scars is amazing to me! I dont even have to wear foundation anymore when I go outside!! I can't thank you guys at MUAC enough...