I can't remember ever having clear skin. I've always suffered from breakouts, which in turn caused PIH (dark spots). As I got older the spots began to cover more and more of my face and last year I decided to do something about it.
After researching professional peels done by a dermatologist (and thus costing hundreds), I stumbled upon MUAC's website. With so many options I didn't know what to choose and emailed their team with pictures of my skin. In a day's time they sent me an entire regimen and I purchased the Green Tea Pomegranate Cleanser & Moisturizer, Mandelic Acid Peel, and Mandelic Acid Toner.
I could literally see a change in my skin the next day. It was visibly brighter and the skin was firm. I suffer from a lot of closed comedones on my forehead and a few of these disappeared. Of course you're not going to get rid of years' worth of scarring after one use, but after just a few months of CONSISTENT use many of my scars faded away and I experienced fewer breakouts.
I eventually wanted a stronger peel and purchased the Mandelic/Salicylic Peel and had even better results. Honestly, you can't go wrong with MUAC. Many of us have spent hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on our skin with no results. 
I love that this company provides affordable and quality options in an industry where this is hard to find. Thank you so much MUAC for everything that you do and I will always be a customer :)