I never had problems with my skin besides the occasional pimple until I left for college. Over a few weeks I started developing large painful pimples that left pretty significant scarring.

I heard about MUAC on an Internet forum one day and decided to try a few things out. My main concerns were healing the acne I had and fading the scarring I was left with. I ordered Green Tea Pomegranate cleanser and toner, BellEvolve Niacinamide Serum, and the Fade Peel set. I use the cleanser and toner nightly along with the Niacinamide serum. Once a week I'll skip the serum and instead use the Fade Peel to help lighten my acne scars.

After following this regimen for a few months, I'm amazed at how differently my skin looks in my before and after pictures. MUAC has amazing products that worked wonders for my skin. Thank you MUAC for making college a little less stressful!