I've been using AHA and BHA peels for a few months, and was quite comfortable with them. While they helped keep my skin 'glowy' and my pores clean, I was looking for something that would make a more significant difference in the appearance of acne scars and irregularities, so I took the plunge and turned to the 15% TCA!
The instructions were very clear, and I kept the hard copy that came with the peel by my side the entire time during the peel, to be 100% sure that I was doing it right and not putting my skin in danger, which was very easy to do! I was very conservative with the amount, applying only one layer and leaving it on for 7 minutes. I was surprised at how little it stung, and was hoping that it wouldn't mean the peel wasn't taking effect. 

Following the peel, I didn't quite peel in 'sheets' as much as some people do, which also made me wonder if I had left the peel on for too little time, or if I should have applied another layer. However, after looking at my before and after pictures (taken a couple of weeks apart), I think it's safe to say that the peel most definitely worked! Not only have the irregularities decreased significantly in appearance, but my skin has gotten softer and is better able to retain the hydration and nutrients from the products I use on a regular basis. - which has become clear with the significant decrease in redness! Overall, I am really happy with the results, specially given the super reasonable price, and I can't wait to make my skin look even better with a couple more TCA peels!