I wanted to write because I'm excited to finally see a change in my skin.
I had purchased the 40% Mandalic Peel and the Fade Peel. My skin has been able to handle lighter peels in the past, so it was advised that it would be fine for me to go straight to 40%. My initial reaction was hesitation after reading many claims against doing chemical peels at home. I've heard nothing but good things about MUAC and figured that as long as I followed the directions I'd be fine. Apply, wait a few minutes, rinse. It seemed easy enough to me.
Let me state that my acne rarely comes to a head. It tends to be those under the skin cysts and bumps that can linger for months. Nothing topical has ever been able to help and they would leave a dark mark even if I left them alone. After only a month with these two peels, my skin has done a 180. I did a peel once per week while alternating between the Mandalic and the Fade Peel. The Mandalic was surprisingly gentle and I had no burning or stinging. It also didn't cause flaking so I didn't have to worry about any down time where I'd have to avoid going out in public. The Fade peel was a bit stronger and I'd flake for a few days. Nothing dramatic, but a few flakes around my nose and mouth. 
I could not be happier with the results. The peels helped fade any dark marks, reduced overall redness, and also reduced the time cystic spots hung around. They'd feel smaller practically overnight and didn't leave a mark. I'm happy to say these products have a permanent home in my routine. Thanks so much!