MUAC Mandelic Acid peel absolutely changed my skin. The realization that I could actually do something to remedy my acne without destroying my already-irritated skin was mind boggling.
I couldn't do anything about my acne so I kept using product after product after product thinking I could 'cure' myself. The skin was irritated, dry, red, flaking, bleeding, and STILL breaking out constantly. My self esteem was trashed and it hurt to even wash my face or look at it.
When I  adopted a gentle skincare routine, I saw a huge improvement in irritation, but couldn't curb the acne. I thought I was stuck with it. Enter MUAC Mandelic Acid peels: within a couple weeks, I wasn't getting blackheads and clogging anymore, and after a few more, my cystic and surface acne started to subside. Now, a year later, I very very rarely get blemishes, and no cystic acne, and I can clear them overnight with the 25% peel. I use 40% twice a week to maintain my skin and as a preventative measure. An added bonus is the scar-fading and overall radiance, which I am loving. I haven't tried other products because I am SO out of this world happy with how the peel I have is performing.
My skin is looking radiant, gorgeous, and glowing, and I love it. I remember the first day I met someone new and didn't feel like the only thing they could notice was how bad my skin was.
Really, having skin I'm confident in has been a huge ordeal and I owe so much to MUAC products for gentle but SO effective peels. My skin literally looks photoshopped!
I would (and I do) recommend the mandelic acid peel to everyone I know.
Thank you so much again,