The effectiveness of your products is amazing. Previously I had ordered MUAC's mandelic acid peel and had been happy with the results but now it was nearly 5 years later and I needed something stronger. Pregnancy related melasma, previous sun damage and aging had started to make my skin look really spotty/uneven/dull. Plus I'm 34 and some wrinkles have been slowly making an appearance on my forehead. I did a series of four 15% TCA peels, spaced out 3 weeks apart along with weekly 55% lactic acid peels, and the mandelic acid toner approx every other day. Also,  I used BellEvolve Advanced Repair for my first 3 peels post recovery and this helped the healing process a lot. These result took 8 weeks! I plan on continuing with the lactic acid peels, and doing a higher strength TCA eventually. Overall, an amazing value and I would highly recommend the TCA/Lactic Acid approach if you need to fade unevenness and wrinkles. Worth every penny!