Before breaking out i had had perfect normal makeup needed. All of the sudden i had oily acneic skin like a teenager, and at age 37 with red marks from acne that I'd had and 3 red and brown spots from years of birth control shots and sun! 
So..I sampled some of your items and love the Blemish Buster Cleanser- great ingredients! I switched around toners depending on how my skin felt using your Mandelic  Toner (awesome), Blemish Buster Astringent- loved..and Acne Pore Minimizer with SepiControl A5- loved also! This has kept me stable but a big part as well was the salicylic peels which I sometimes spot treated areas or blemishes with the15% Salicylic Peel or 25% Salicylic Peel for as long as I could handle it- about 2 minutes after working up to that strength..and this was key for me; each night (after my skin adjusted to acids), I used your 3% beta hydroxy serum and slept in it all night. It didn't hurt and felt like it self-neutralized anyway, but I read you can sleep in a very popular and expensive salicylic resurfacing peel and.. I don't know why there's such a big difference between 2% over the counter to 3%, but it really made a difference! A BIG Difference! So I continue to do that routine nightly and if I get a little tender from sleeping in the 3% I'll use your Tea Tree Oil before bed instead for a couple of days and no more worries! 
So THANK YOU! It's so nice to have won the battle! -Desiree