I have been using Makeup Artists Choice off and on for years, but in August of 2017 I experienced the worst breakouts of my entire life and was desperate to fix whatever was happening to my skin. I started using only the Green Tea Pomegranate Cleanser and moisturizer, and then started using the BHA 3% and also the Lactic Acid 40% peel. This helped not only get my breakouts to stop but helped to get rid of the red marks left behind and thankfully no scars, either (when you see my pics you'll understand why I'm so surprised I didn't have scars). I'm still using the Green Tea cleanser and BHA 3%, as well as the Lactic peel, but I've also begun to use the Micro PolishCucumber tonerTransforning Anti Aging Serum, and Peptide Serum, which have continued to improve how my skin looks and feels. 
Thank you so much for helping me to get my good skin back.