It works !!! I don't know where to start first I am very shy to share with you my testimonial I'm 19 years old ,I suffered from hyperpigmentations ,dark spots , acne marks , that breakouts left on my skin since the age of 13. I tried everything ,I spent a lot of money and time . I tried every products to Get rid of hyperpigmentation but it was in vain. I was completely desparate ,I couldn't go outside without wearing foundation. Then desperately I tried MUAC products and it literally changed my life !! I tried severals muac's products but I've found the right routine which is the best for me:
I started using mandelic acid peel 40% once a week( the 25% was too light for me ) combined with TCA peel 15% only on dark spots once a month, Green tea pomegrenade cleanser every days to wash my face and I also used mandelic acid serum about 3 times per week only at night.
When I first used the mandelic serum and the peel my skin was glowing , large pores disappeared , dark spots started fading , and my acne is now under control I have less breakouts .The Tca reduced the more hyperpigmented dark marks and scars . And now I still can't believe that's me after 5 month ! I know I still have some dark spot but it is so much better and I will continu my routine until everything disappears completely . If you are tired of wasting your time YOU MUST TRY JUST TRY  !