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Posted by Makeup Artists Choice on 4/2/2018 to Before & After
MUAC skin peels are nothing short of a miracle! It  seemed like my skin never recovered after I had my last child in my late 30s. Like never before, I seemed to be prone to cystic breakouts. Texture was never the same. Brown spots, patches and redness emerged that had never seem to be there before. 
Once I hit 40 '“ skin seemed to take a dramatic shift into even more of a downward spiral! I Noticed a loss of elasticity and skin that was losing it's moisture and thickness. The Brown spots really set in further and I really started to notice the wrinkles setting in around my eyes and lips. I knew if I didn't do something quick, these changes would be irreversible, there would be no turning back!
A good friend recommended MUAC several years ago and I have been a loyal customer since. I still can't believe what a great value one gets for such an amazing array of products. I have used products in almost every category. I have tried many of the peels-glycolic, lactic acid, Phytix in addition to the TCA.
The BellEvolve products are fantastic . The renewal and advanced repair creams are so wonderful (and a must) after doing peels. I have also used the  Retinol, Hyaluronic,Niacinamide, and vitamin C as well over the years. I love changing my regimen depending on the time of the year and the condition of my skin. 
I get countless complements on my skin, and am always told how much younger I look than I actually am! 
I know with these product I am turning back years in regards to my complexion !!! I still really can't believe these easy to use, medical grade products are available to the general public! 
Thank you so much for saving my skin and continuing to keep it  fresh and youthful as I get closer to 50!