I have amazing before and after photos of my skin since using your products. I've been using the Green Tea/Pomogranite Cleansing Gel, twice a day. I use the PH Prep as a toner twice a day. I use the Gly-Luronic Miracle Correction Serum at night followed by the Bell Evolve .50 Retinol lotion. Once a week (sometimes I'll wait two weeks in between) I use the Fade Peel followed by Argan Oil. I also use the Rosehips Hibiscus Scar Cream in the morning after I wash and tone. I've been doing the skin care routine for about a year and the peel for about 10 months. The results have seriously been LIFE CHANGING. My skin has never looked better in my entire life. I've suffered with acne for my whole adult life and have tried literally EVERYTHING. Nothing worked. Until Makeup Artists Choice. Not only did it clear up my stubborn cystic acne, but it cleared up about 90% of all my acne scarring. People in my life cannot believe what a change my skin has been. I am so greatful to have found these products. I have gained a sense of confidence that I've never had before. I tell everyone that will listen, about this website. Thank you so much, MUAC. You have gained a life long customer!!