I never had acne as a child so you can imagine my horror and confusion when I started get cystic acne all over my face at 25 years old! No one else in my family had acne so I had no guidance on what products to try. After 3 years and thousands of dollars spent on products that didn't work, I came across MUAC on a skincare forum. What a blessing!
My very first order was on 2/7/2028. I started off with trying the 40% Lactic Acid peel, saw some results so I graduated to the 55% concentration. The 8% Beta Hydroxy Serum was also a keeper! That cleared up my clogged pores around my nose in no time! The Green Tea Cleanser is a holy grail product as I'm sensitive to fatty alcohols and it has no added ingredients that would cause a breakout.
A month later I ordered the large bottle of the 100% Argan oil after noticing a huge difference in my under eye wrinkles that were starting to form. I purchased the 12.5% TCA peel and was super nervous to use it but the instructions were so thorough that I was very confident when I finally applied the serum. I showed great results from that and will be increasing the concentration once I'm done with my current bottle.
Thank you so much MUAC! Your products are all of high quality ingredients and I know anything that I purchase will show great results. I've been purchasing for my mom and coworkers after they starting complimenting my skin! Your business is a blessing - I can confidently leave my house with more self esteem and not worry if people are looking at my acne spots.
You have a lifelong customer after only using your products for 3 months!! Thank you!