Since I was in my late teens I have constantly had breakouts around my mouth and chin area. These usually started as white heads which I would pop and then pick at, causing them to leave hyperpigmentation for months. I have not known what it is like to be acne free since I was maybe 16 to now being 31. No other skin care line has made this much of a difference to my skin.  
The number one product I would recommend to anyone is the Gly-Luronic acid serum. I have gone through a minimum of four of these. The way I like to apply this is to place the tip of the dispenser against my forehead and carefully pump out one full pump and then use one hand to move the product around my forehead and down my temples. I then do one pump for each cheek and for my nose and chin as necessary. 
This 1) keeps my acne at bay, 2) speeds up turnover time for my existing acne, 3) smooths out my rough skin flaky skin caused by acne. My over all complexion and skin tone is also noticibly improved when I use this. 
Another product I would recommend and have actually gifted to someone - the mandelic acid toner. This is great for acne and I have also gone through 4 or 5 full sized bottles. I would reccomend this to someone just starting out using acids and young people suffering from acne who may not pay a whole lot of attention to their skin care (especially young males perhaps lol). I would use this mornings and the other acid serums in the evening.
The green tea pomegranate cleanser is awesome and I have repurchased. I have used and repurchased the .30% retinol and also saw a positive significant difference in my skin and acne as well. I have also purchased a couple of the different peels and had positive experiences, though I am unable to have the dramatic skin-sloughing-off-in-sheets ordeal due to working in retail and not wanting to scare anyone!
I would reccomend MUAC products to anyone, even if you dont have problems with acne. They are so affordable and their products have REAL ACTIVE ingredients that work and not just a bunch of filler and expensive packaging. They also offer sample sizes which is so awesome and whenever they include a gifted sample with my order I almost always buy the full size in my next order. 
Thank you, MUAC!