Hello! I wanted to share my before and after photos and the progress I've made with your products. I was going to an esthetician regularly a couple years back and after a year I had made pretty good progress. I decided that it was too expensive and stopped going. Slowly but surely my skin reverted back to where I started out but even worse! I was breaking out like crazy and I didn't know why. I knew I had to do something. I heard about your products after doing some research online. I ended up ordering the 40% mandelic peelmandelic toner and mandelic serum. Within a few weeks my breakouts were under control. After a couple of months I switched to the mandelic/ salicylic peel and continued with the mandelic toner and serum. After 9 months of using your products my skin has completely turned around and looks better than it did even when I was going to the esthetician . I am so glad that I found your products because it is a much more affordable option than going to get professional treatments. Thank you for offering such high quality and affordable products!!