I've always been in a constant battle with my skin. I've tried it all, from strict diets, expensive skincare, medication, etc. I am also a skin picker so if I have any little bump on my face I can't leave it alone.
I've been ordering MUAC (and recommending it) for a while now, but finally thought I'd share a recent experience.
I started in the past with your mandelic line, which got me out of one of my worst breakouts in history. I had a bad reaction to a salicylic peel at a spa and my skin erupted. I wish I saved the pictures, but mandelic peels (25% and 40%), toner, and serum got me back to normal. It's an amazing starter line for someone new to at-home peeling and who may have had a bad experience in the past.
Ive been going through another rough patch with my skin and coincidentally what's recently been helping my stubborn blackheads and clogged pores has been salicylic. I use the 15% salicylic peel and beta hydroxy serum (3% so far, but also bought a sample of the 8%) and it's a game changer. These pictures below were taken only a week apart. Most of my blackheads are coming to the surface and are easily extracted with no damage. And my skin feels so smooth.
Thank you, MUAC. I tell anything who asks me about skincare about your products. Affordable and so effective. Whenever I'm bummed about my skin I look at the before and afters in the testimonial section and it reminds me to get back into my MUAC routine if I've been slacking :)