Last year, I completed an 8-month course of Accutane for closed comedones all over my face that wouldn't respond to other treatments. Although my skin cleared, I was left with pigmentation, erythema, and scarring that looked worse than the original acne did. I've been a fan of MUAC's products for a couple years now and so I turned to them to help get my skin looking as clear as it felt. 
The attached photos are taken a few months apart. I adopted a gentle and hydrating skincare and used MUAC products to target my concerns. Every day I cleanse with the Wild Oat & Honey Cleanser. It's a wonderful, affordable option that cleans my dry, sensitive skin without stripping it of moisture or causing irritation. Then once a week, I've been using the 40% Lactic Acid Peel. I started out using it for only 3-4 minutes at a time, and eventually built up to 10 minutes each use. This peel has been a blessing for all the pigmentation that was left behind from my spots. In between peels, I used the BellEvolve Lac-Luronic Serum every few days to help speed up my results. Unlike other popular lactic acid products out there, this serum does not sting my skin or aggravate redness. It gently exfoliates and keeps my skin looking hydrated and smooth. I still have some remaining textural flaws, for which I plan on using more MUAC products to help correct in the future. But for how quickly my skin has changed so far, I couldn't be happier.
Thanks to MUAC, I am able to show my bare skin for the first time in years. In the past I wouldn't even consider leaving the house without makeup- even to see friends or family- but now I'm able to feel more free and comfortable in my skin. I owe MUAC so much for letting me find confidence in myself. Thank you so much!!