I've been suffering from hormonal acne since my teen years, and began to experience cystic acne when I became pregnant with my daughter! It left me with scarring in between my eyebrows and on my temples. Since I was 14, I have never been one to leave my house without makeup.
I have tried thousands and thousands of dollars of skin care products and treatments, I've used medical grade (and very expensive) lines- I've had in office TCA spot treatments- with ZERO success- in fact my skin was significantly worse. I was about to book a laser appointment, when I remembered hearing about your website. I figured what the heck, may as well give their products a shot before spending 3k on a potential laser disaster.
Initially I ordered the lactic acid 55%, glycolic 30% and mandelic 40% (I started strong haha). Within weeks I started to notice a difference. The first picture on the left is in May 2018- I was so heartbroken about a recent trip to a derms office and being told I was essentially too far gone for help with my skin. The middle is about 1 month later. I was rotating the peels - lactic acid on Sunday and mandelic on wed. I would skip some weeks with the lactic acid and swap out for glycolic. The far right is today.
For the first time in over 15 years- I rarely ever wear makeup. I feel like an entirely new person and actually am starting to LOVE my new skin. As my husband put it 'œyou have a new face!'. My scars have been so minimized, you can barely see them, even in the worst lighting. On top of that- I rarely break out and if I do, one spot treatment with my mandelic peel- the breakout is essentially gone within a day.
I've recently re purchased the mandelic peel and am trying salicylic peel now as well- they are so far both of my favourites. I also purchased a sample of the gly-luronic serum and mandelic toner and I am in LOVE. My skin is glowing the next day and I swear the circles under my eyes are going away! I will certainly order a full size of the serum next time!
I will continue shopping in your site, and recommending your products to everyone I know.
Thank you so much MUAC- you've made a huge difference in my life:)