Green Tea Within Cosmetic Formulations... Does it actually work? Yes.

Many of us are familiar with the benefits of drinking green tea, but how about the benefits of using green tea topically on the face within cosmetic formulations?
This tea packs so much punch when it comes to combatting skin issues, that MUAC has carried three major green tea products for a long time. Between combatting redness and rosacea to acne... green tea offers numerous perks to achieving a flawless face. 
Let's break them down...

Green Tea's Benefits for your Skin 

  • Anti-Inflammatory - Reduces redness and irritation
    Due to anti-inflammatory properties, applying green tea topically to your skin can reduce redness, skin irritation, rosacea  psoriasis, actinic keratosis, and any swelling - all thanks to polyphenols! 
  • Anti-microbial - Reduces bacteria
    Those exact same polyphenols are also anti-microbial! This means they can help fight acne as they actually damage bacterial membranes as well as reduce sebum production (the gunk that makes us breakout). 
  • Vitamin E Supplier - Increases hydration 
    Green tea naturally carries vitamins, such as C, B and E, and vitamin E naturally nourishes and hydrates the skin. According to a study, participants who applied green tea extract to their arms for 15-30 days achieved increased skin moisturization as well as a reduction in skin roughness.
  • Topical Caffeine Supplier - promotes skin tightening
    Naturally, the tea carries caffeine which is a known skin tightening agent and vasoconstrictor. Various skincare studies have proven caffeine an effective chemical in tightening the skin... as well as other skincare benefits. In fact, most anti-cellulite creams use caffeine. When applied topically, is also reduces puffiness and redness due to temporarily constricting blood vessels - again there's that fun word "vasoconstrictor!" 
  • Free Radical Scavenger! 
    Finally, green tea's antioxidants naturally scavenge harmful carcinogens even when applied topically. Free radicals are the primary course of aging and disease - thus the more antioxidants we can incorporate into our daily lives the better. This applies to our diets as well - which also carry a huge impact on skin health and overall appearance. 
The bottom line is that green tea skincare products serve as excellent anti-aging, anti-acne, antiinflammatory, and anti-sun damage solutions.
Our MUAC line includes our Green Tea Pomegranate Cleanser and Toner along with a moisturizer.
Green Tea Cleanser and toner
Best of all, for those who haven't tried any of these products yet, sample sizes are available!
We highly encourage green tea in your skincare and overall health routine!