Winter Skincare Tips for The Dry Skin Sufferer

We all fall victim to dry skin in the wintertime... but some of us suffer greatly if we have dry skin to begin with.

Here are our top three tips to keep your skin happy and hydrated this winter: 

Winter Skincare Tip #1 - Use a Hydrating and Nourishing Cleanser

Oil cleansers and calming cleansers, such as our MUAC Gentle Cleanser with Aloe Oil, Rosemary Oil, Grapeseed Oil and botanicals, help to cleanse the skin without stripping of necessary moisture. With much drier air circulting in the cold months, your skin becomes vulnerable to over drying, cracking, redness, and more.

Our Gentle Cleanser's botanical blend helps to regulate your skin's pH and moisture balance. It leaves no irritating residue and is formulated for even the most sensitive skin.


Winter Skincare Tip #2 - Add some HA to Your Skincare Regime 



Hyaluronic Acid holds 1,000 times its weight in water. When applied to the skin, HA serves as the ultimate hydrator not only to produce moisture but maintain it deep in your skin. The serum isn't a heavy kind of moisturizer but rather a very thin and "thirst quenching" kind of experience for your face.

Our Advanced Hyaluronic with Watermelon Extract is a Hydrolyzed HA which increases the moisture within your skin twice as much as common hyaluronic acid.

Winter Skincare Tip #3 - Exfoliate Once A Week 

Your products can't penetrate and hydrate your skin if it's full of dead cells on the outer layer. These cells block the absorption of your products. 

Two of our favorite gentle exfoliating products to use all year round are the  MUAC Pumpkin Mask and or our Triple Enzyme Peel. 

Our pumpkin mask is formulated with 5% glycolic acid, along with 100 beneficial nutrients - including vitamin A - which is natural mild retinoid. 

The triple enzyme peel uses fruit enzymes to dissolve surface buildup and deep clean the pores. 



By using a nourishing cleanser that balances skin pH... adding HA serum to your daily routine... and exfoliating your skin once a week... Winter Skin Dryness won't stand a chance as you continue to glow through the cold months. 

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