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Welcome to our Affiliate Program!

THIS PROGRAM IS OPEN TO U.S. AND CANADIAN RESIDENTS  ONLY.  Should you decide to apply, all fields in the application form name, address, email....all fields...must be complete and verifiable.


If you love using our products and want to earn extra cash simply by sharing a personalized referral code with your friends and family, this is the program for you!

Upon registering, you will receive a unique identification code which should be included on all of your ads, emails to potential clients, and to our office.

You, as the AFFILIATE will be eligible for a 10% commission on sales you refer to us.  The CLIENT is eligible for a 20% discount on the product subtotal.

NOTE: You are NOT paid commissions on shipping and taxes added to the order. Only the product subtotal.

The client MUST use your referral code for you to be eligible for commission on that order. If the client goes directly through our website without using your unique code, a commission on that order will not be paid. So, be certain to emphasize that you are earning a small commission and would appreciate them submitting their orders using YOUR affiliate code.

If your CLIENT returns or cancels an order for which you have been paid, that amount will be deducted from your next commission payment.

****We pay only via Paypal. If you do not already have a Paypal account, please create one before registering as our AFFILIATE and use your Paypal email in the "Email" box.****

Should you have any questions or issues with your account, please email us at:  

Our staff will be happy to help you. Or you can call our offices at 1-877-316-9400 during our regular business hours: M-F 9:30-4:00 ET.  Ask for Wendy or Deana. 


Your payouts will be issued on Fridays, weekly.

You will have a Dashboard to see your sales and earnings. While not often, we do receive the occasional order that is either counterfeit or not eligible for the discount. You will be notified if this happens along with the reason.

Misuse of our Affiliate Program will result in cancellation.

Note that during our large sales where we offer promo codes to our e-list, only ONE code may be used at checkout. You may not add the affiliate code on top of another promo code for additional savings.

YOU, as the AFFILIATE are eligible to use the discount code on any order you'd like to place with us; there is no order limit. You may use it ongoing; however, you are NOT eligible for a commission on your own orders.

Complete the form below to register!

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