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Argan Oil is an extraordinary product for anti aging skin care, hair care, wrinkles, acne, nail care, eczema, psoriasis. 100% organic, cold pressed from Morocco.
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100% Pure Cosmetic Raw Argan Oil - Cold Pressed

Makeup Artist's Choice wants you to maintain true beauty for your entire lifetime, from head to toe. That's why we're so excited to bring you Argan Oil -- a product that you can literally use from top to bottom, particularly for your face and hair.

You may be familiar with Moroccan Oil and Emu Oil -- both popular and comparable products to Argan Oil. The difference? Argan Oil is completely free of additives (Moroccan Oil contains additives) and is cruelty-free (Emu Oil is animal based... see below).

Derived from the Argan Tree -- a tree indigenous to Morocco -- Argan oil is one of the rarest oils in all the world.  Apply it to your hair... face... body... even your nails for beautiful (and often unprecedented) results.

Here's why we love it...

Reduce Wrinkles, Crow's Feet... and Fade Those Stretch Marks

Argan Oil helps to reverse aging, provides wrinkle reduction... reduces acne... eczema... sunburn... psoriasis... and even stretch marks on your body.

Rich with Squalene, it also helps protect your skin from free radicals that cause sun damage. Clinical studies prove it's ability to correct the age-related deficiencies that cause wrinkling and loss of elasticity.

Superb for use after all your chemical peels, or any other facial treatment.

Although Argan Oil is in fact an oil... it contains natural anti-inflammatory agents to reduce the appearance of blemishes. Acne sufferers can benefit from its sebum regulating abilities, which reduce oil production in skin. All skin types can enjoy firmer... clearer... and hydrated skin with Argan Oil.

Now for your hair...

Achieve Lustrous, Moisturized, Shiny Hair (and with a faster drying time!)

When applied to damp hair, just one to two drops of Argan Oil penetrates your hair with Omega-9 Oleic Acid... Omega-6 Linoleic Acid... Phenolic Acid... Phenols... Carotenes and Anitoxidants, such as Vitamin E for lustrous, beautiful shine and moisture. Best of all, when using a blow dryer... the oil speeds up your drying time making morning routines more efficient (while protecting your hair).

Unlike Emu Oil, Argan Oil is 100% Organic & Cruelty-Free 

When selecting beauty products, choose compassion. Many choose Emu Oil for their skin and hair; however, the flightless Australian Emu bird must be killed in order to harvest the oil. Additionally, all animal by-products contain some bacteria no matter how thorough the processing.  We pride ourselves on operating a 100% cruelty-free website. 

Purchase your bottle of Argan Oil today to see instant results from head to toe. 

A few drops goes a long way, so use the product sparingly! Store at room temperature for a 12 month shelf-life.

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