Micro Polish
Micro Polish

Micro Polish

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Microdermabrasion cream containing botanical skin brigheners to help soften wrinkles and brighten/lighten skin tones. Softens acne marks, acne scars, hormonal hyperpigmentation, brightening dull skin tones.
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Micro Polish

Our micro polish cream is formulated with the same crystals used by doctors and estheticians and infused with botanical lighteners....licorice root extract and mulberry fruit extract.

Our newly improved formulation contains green metasommes containing
anti-oxidants - vitamins a, c and e. 

Gently wipe away dead surface skin cells and sebum, soften lines, wrinkles, scarring.  Lighten acne marks, hyperpigmentation from sun damage, hormonal hyperpigmentation, or post-acid-peel skin tone unevenness. Refine skin's overall texture by gently polishing the skin.  Extremely effective as an exfoliator between your chemical peel applications.

  • 20% Pure Aluminum Oxide medical grade Corundum Crystals.
  • Botanical skin brighteners added - licorice and mulberry extracts.
  • Antioxidants - vitamins a, c and e
  • Non-comedogenic.  Appropriate for all skin types. Treat face, neck, décolleté, upper arms, hands.

This product should *not* be used the same day you are doing chemical peels.

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