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Quasar MD Plus Anti Anti Aging LED Red Light Therapy - MUAC

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The Original Red Light Therapy For Home Use

Don’t let the signs of aging get under your skin! Whether you wish to reduce existing wrinkles or prevent fine lines from appearing, the Quasar MD PLUS is your skincare miracle. Our LED red light technology works by delivering light energy to your skin cells that stimulates the cells to undergo self-repair. Healthier skin cells result in firmer, smoother skin!

  • 3x stronger light output for fewer wrinkles and improved skin texture
  • 4 wavelengths of amber, red, and infrared light for the deepest penetration
  • Large 2” treatment head for shorter treatment time
  • Medical grade aluminum construction for lifetime durability
  • FDA-cleared and safe for all skin types

How to use your unit:

  • Cleanse your skin.  Don't use any serums, creams, acids, nor retinoids before your treatment.
  • Place the device directly onto your skin and hold until unit "beeps" after 3 minutes.  Then move on to the next area.  Good for all skin tones.  
  • After your face has been treated, apply a moisturizer to the skin.  Do not use retinoids nor acids in conjunction with the light unit.  We recommend our BellEvolve Nano Advanced Hyaluronic Serum after use.
  • Clean the device-head after use.
  • Use daily for 8 weeks, then go on maintenance twice a week to maintain your results.

We used to carry this unit and at $599.00 it was popular and... we never had a return.  At Quasar's new price it's a fabulous purchase.

90-day guarantee - Use it daily for 8 weeks and you *will* see results!