Acne Pore Minimizer w/Sepicontrol A5
Acne Pore Minimizer w/Sepicontrol A5

Acne Pore Minimizer w/Sepicontrol A5

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Acne Pore Minimizer w/Sepicontrol A5

Our MUAC Acne Pore Minimizer with Sepicontrol A5 will:

  • Reduce skin's oil production
  • Control acne p bacteria
  • Reduce blackheads and comedomes
  • Mattify the skin to reduce oily appearance
  • Reduce the appearance of pore size for a more refined appearance in skin texture

About Sepicontrol A5 (Capryloyl Glycine, Sarcosine and Cinnamon (cinnamonum zeylanicum).

Inhibitor - Sepicontrol A5 is a potent inhibitor of 5 a reductase (a cause of acne and of alopecia).

Bactericidal - Sepicontrol A5 is better at inhibiting propionbacterium acnes, staph aureus, and staph epidermidis than Zinc Glyconate.  This helps to control bacteria which are responsible for forming blemishes and acne lesions.

Sebum Reduction - A significant reduction in sebum rate is achieved with Sepicontrol A5.

Reduction of Comedomes - Clinical studies showed a 78% reduction of comedomes as compared to the control.

Free Radical Scavenger - effective at reducing free radical damage, a contributor to skin that looks aged.

Cleaner Skin - Sepicontrol A5 produces cleaner skin, reduced oil, reduced comedomes and a moist appearance to the skin.

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