I am a 31 yr old Asian woman with brown skin. First I would like to say a big thanks for the amazing products that I received from MUAC. My skin has never looked this good in last 3-4 yrs. I  have tried everything from acne scar creams, microdermabrasions to lasers. 

MUAC is my Holy Grail n I have been recommending this to my family and friends. 
Well, I started using Fade serum since Feb 2016, used Lactic Acid peel 40% for 4 times, Then moved to TCA 15% . I wasn't using the products regularly may be that's why it took almost 6 months for a visible difference. I used to have 15-20 black spots from acne on both sides of my cheeks. Now it's been reduced to one on left and very small 2-3 spots on other cheek. My forehead was not affected by acne but had lines, that too is diminished with the help of TCA and Fade serum
I started using TCA 18% in October 2016. I noticed when I did the peel the area near my mouth and left cheek frosted more than other areas & I kept the neutralizer as recommended. but unfortunately i developed some hyper pigmentation in those areas . I thought it would fade away. I had only good results with the product so far. It cleared my skin so wonderfully. But this time it happened because my skin was not ready for the 18% TCA or may be i kept it too long. However that is settling since i started using Micro Polish as recommended by the MUAC.