Hello! I found this website after sifting through tons of blogs and online sources trying to figure out products that could help me AND my skin. I have struggled with picking for a very long time, even though I don't have bad acne'” I attack the smallest imperfections to a dibillitating degree. I have combination skin and am prone to the occasional hormonal cystic acne that I simply make worse by trying to annihilate. I was looking to completely start over on my skin care routine, so I ordered a handful of things on MUAC and a few other sites. One of the main things that led me here was trying to find a treatment that was similar to Sunday Riley's LA daily peel. I read a few reviews comparing it to the one of bellevolves and gave it a shot since it since it is a fraction of the cost. From my order I want to specifically review the green tea basics (face wash, toner, and moisturizer), the Bellevolve daily lactic acid peel, and the retinol .3 serum. I began using all of these daily once they arrived, in addition to the BHA treatment I also purchased from this site.
1) Green Tea Pomegranate Products
- I love all of these products. I think that any skin type could use these, the cleanser is perfect; not too oily or too foamy. It feels like it cleans my skin without stripping it of its natural oils, and definitely doesn't dry it out or make my skin feel slimey. The toner is even better. I love toners but so often I feel like they either dry my skin horribly, or don't do much at all. This one leaves my skin looking fresh, doesn't leave my face feeling tight or papery, and helps minimize the appearance of my oily pores. The moisturizer I was not sold on at first, because I did not think it did anything special. But after comparing it to other products (Mario badescu, Kiel's, L'Oréal) I found myself reaching for it more and more. I think this is in part due to the retinol serum I am using, which I'll get to in a bit, but also because it is the perfect middle of the road moisturizer. It's not heavy, but it really soaks in leaving my skin hydrated without being oily. All around this is the perfect simple and basic regime I think, which I will likely use for years to come.
2) Bellevolve Lac-Luronic Serum
- This stuff is great, point blank. I have told most of the girls in my life about it because I love it so much!! It is just the pick me up my skin needs, and makes me look forward to taking off my makeup at the end of the day. It is gentle, so the effects aren't mind blowing, but that's just fineness considering it is a daily thing. I used to use a glycolic acid treatment to give my skin a dewey refresh. But those are a little too harsh for my skin, and really did not help when I had acne. This treatment though, helps to even and brighten my skin tone, and even if I pick (which I have done less of since trying this new routine) it reduces the redness and inflammation of new acne, while smoothing the surface of my skin from old acne.
3) MUAC Retinol .3 serum
- As soon as I used it I loved it. It is a serum so it feels quite oily, but I use it as a last step or, if my skin isn't feeling super dry, I'll use it and let it seep in before applying the green tea moisturizer. It hydrates, and has a 'œplumping' effect. Meaning after I use it the surface of my skin seems fuller, my faint lines are even faintiner, leaving my skin looking supple and healthy.
Thanks MUAC, I love you're products so far, and cannot wait to try more of them in the future!