Vitamin C for Aging Skin

Vitamin C is a naturally occurring potent water-soluble antioxidant incorporated into a variety of cosmeceuticals ans skincare designed to protect and rejuvenate photo-aged skin.

Why Choose Vitamin C for Aging Skin and Sun Damaged Skin 

For starters, when you apply a quality vitamin C serum to your skin, you're feeding it nutrients and antioxidants to help PROTECT your skin from further sun damage. This in no way implies you should ever use in place of sunscreen - you should ALWAYS wear sunscreen - however, vitamin C DOES help add more protection from UVA and UVB rays. 

Vitamin C also helps restore damaged skin by:

  • promoting collagen synthesis
  • providing photo protection from ultraviolet A and B
  • lightening hyper-pigmentation
  • improving skin inflammation 

What does it mean to promote collagen synthesis? 

Collagen is like an elastic glue - it holds majority of your body together, including your skin fibers. Collagen synthesis is simply your body's production of collagen within your skin's dermis. As we age, that production level slows down. By the age of 25, it is estimated that we lose collagen at a rate of 1% every year. So, taking necessary steps to help encourage more collagen production and promote its synthesis means a slower aging process. 

Our BellEvolve 20% Vitamin C Professional Serum 

20% vitamin C serum
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis
  • Helps to fades age spots
  • Reduces acne and acne scars
  • Helps to protect skin against free radicals and environmental damage
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimizes skin discoloration

Our formulation also contains Phytic Acid - derived from natural plants - which s an antioxidant that helps to block new formation of melanin.

What is Melanin?

The pigment that gives all humans their coloring... including hair color, eyes, skin, etc. Melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes, which increase when exposed to the sun. 

So, for instance, a freckle is a build up of melanin/ melanocytes. When we experience too much sun exposure, that's when hyperpigmentation (uneven skin tone and sun spots) sets in. Phytic Acid aids in preventing the formation of melanin from sun exposure. 

How Do Antioxidants Help Our Skin? 

Each and everyday we expose our skin to pollutants, also known as "free radicals" - unstable atoms that can damage our cells. We can't avoid this exposure as free radicals are in the air we breath mostly from environmental pollution. Also alcohol, radiation, cigarette smoke, and chemicals found in many products we use at home can cause free radical damage. 
Free radicals cause severe damage to our cells and our DNA - even with a lifespan of just a fraction of a second. They roam about looking to steal electrons from the closest cell. When this occurs, you have what's called "oxidative stress." Antioxidants such as Vitamins C, E and A, scavenge free radicals and neutralize them, which inhibits further damage. Eating foods rich in antioxidants helps do this job from the inside out, but adding topical serums to your skin such as our Vitamin C 20% Professional Serum, gives an extra boost to working form the outside in.

Remember... Always Use Sunscreen When Exposed to the Outdoors. NONE OF OUR SERUMS SHOULD EVER BE USED IN PLACE OF SUNSCREEN. 

Reviews of our Vitamin C 20% Professional Serum:

  • "As ALWAYS MUAC prevails!! I love this serum! I was looking for a good vit C serum. I had severe acne and am still plagued by the scars all these years later. This serum is really helping. I've noticed my scars have lightened and seem to be filling in. Thank you MUAC for all your stellar products!! Customer for life!" -Laura

  • "I love this product it really brightens my face and has evened out the appearance of my skin". - Jennipher

  • "I have tried several different brands if Vit c and they do not compare to Makeup Artists Choice brand. Their Vit C is not sticky, it goes on smoothly and I experienced results within a couple of weeks. Love it!" - England

  • "I've tried several Vitamin C serums and this one is hands down my favorite! Immediately after application my skin has a firmer, more plump look - assume thats the hyaluronic in it - and I am noticing a softness to my fine lines and sun damage is definitely fading! My skin can be sensitive and this is gentle enough for face and neck use. If youve never used a Vit C then I would highly recommend you order the sample size of MUACs!" - Ava

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Anti Aging Skincare Products

For more information about anti-oxidants and free radicals, we suggest you check out this very informative piece written by Dr. Edward Group.